Baltic Cruise Ports & Trips | Cunard Queen Elizabeth | Me Becoming Mum

We were so lucky to be able to visit a number of amazing ports when we went on our Baltic Cruise on board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise ship; including places we would never usually have chosen to visit when choosing somewhere to travel abroad on holiday. Today I'm showing you a little bit of our adventures!


Our first stop was in Germany, and to be honest it was just like visiting any city in England. After taking the girls on their first coach trip and heading into town, we came to a spot complete with H&M, Pandora and McDonald's, just as we would see at home. We took our family selfie outside the Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)ย  before heading back for lunch on board the Cunard Queen Street. 



This was by far my favourite stop of the whole trip on board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth. Copenhagen was filled with beautiful statues and loads of things to visit and see. We checked walked for miles checking out different parts of the city, but of course the place we took our family selfie had to be in front of the famous Little Mermaid!



When the Cunard Queen Elizabeth pulled into Stockholm little did we know we would end up walking for over 10 miles that day (thank goodness for pushchairs!) We explored some old city streets and even saw the amazing change of the guard which is done on horse back with a large band playing. It was really amazing, and Squidgy loved it! We got a photo with the palace guard and our family selfie was taken near the Royal Palace.



Our Cunard Queen Elizabeth stop off in Tallinn was amazing. The old cobbled streets and huge walls and old stone gates like the one where we had our family selfie, were so awesome. We saw the handmade market place, and people wearing traditional dress, and tonnes of pretty buildings and views. It wasn't very pushchair friendly with the whole of the old town made up of cobbled streets but we had a lovely time in the beaming sunshine all the same.


St Petersburg

We would never have thought to go to Russia as a holiday destination, so our Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise was the perfect way to make a visit. The first night we went on a date night, just John and me, and visited the Hermitage and saw awesome art and the most beautiful sunset. The second day we went on a family walking tour and saw so many amazing sights before taking our selfie in front of the ballet theatre.



We arrived in Kiel during their boat week, which was pretty awesome. There were so many boats on the water, and ironically the Cunard Queen Elizabeth in all her glory was the main feature on the day we visited. Tourists could be seen from the boats below taking picture of the ship we were cruising on. We took a walk about the town, tried some awesome German food and drink and took our family selfie in front of the water with boats bobbing along behind us!



It was a dreary day when the Cunard Queen Elizabeth stopped in Skagen, but we didn't let it stop us! It was quite a walk from the port following the signs to the city centre, but we were the silly ones who chose not to jump on the transfer bus! We bought handmade sweets from a shop (which even had them being made on show!) checked out the teddy bear museum and took our family selfie on the high street in front of the market.


It was a relatively small and new city centre, but you could see its potential and the evidence that they were making it more tourist friendly! We explored and had a wonderful time together in spite of the rain.

We had an absolutely amazing time on board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth, and it was a fabulous way to visit so many different places and enjoy so many different countries with our beautiful girls. I would love to go on another cruise with them in the future and take my little family to see more wonderfully places. We will have to wait and see what the future brings.