27 Week Scare | Pregnancy Hospital Trip | Me Becoming Mum

UPDATE 24/09/16: I am now home safe and sound with my family, and the contractions have all but stopped. I am under doctors orders to make sure I rest and take it slow when moving around, especially on stairs. Fingers crossed Little L stays put for a little longer. Thank you to everyone for their love, support and prayers.

So, yesterday I had a bit of a fall. When I say, "bit", I mean I fell from about halfway down my stairs at home and face-planted  (bump down) into the laminate flooring at the bottom.

The worst part is, I wasn't even doing anything silly! I was just walking sensibly, you know - placing one foot in front of the other.

Three hours later, after a gush of blood, I started contracting.

Thankfully a friend was able to look after R for the afternoon, so John and I rushed over to the hospital where they did checks and I was hooked up to the CTG. 

Seeing the pattern of the contractions I was having, the midwives called in a doctor, who asked about the baby's movements. Little L was moving sporadically, but felt sluggish compared to her usual activity.

These two things combined meant the doctor then admitted me.

It's terrifying lying in a hospital bed waiting to see what is going to happen. Not knowing if those contractions are going to get more severe, or closer together, or if you're going to end up in full on labour.

I was monitored through the night, and when I was hooked up to the CTG the little lines showing my contrations scared me more than anything.

I'm only 27 weeks pregnant. It's too soon. I'm not ready.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. The little I did get was broken up by the pains.

I hate to take medication when I'm pregnant, the only one I take regularly is for my thyroid, and that is only because I know it helps my baby's development rather than hindering it.

Last night I caved, and let them give me some pain relief. The respite it gave me allowed for me to get a couple of hours sleep, but I still feel as if I have had none at all.

On the bright side, I got breakfast in bed this morning and was able to eat it all myself (even if I did make the mistake of cutting it into small pieces like I do when my daughter is around, as she has a tendency to steal my food!) I was even able to drink my hot chocolate while it was still hot! All my fellow parents will understand how much of a win that is!

At only 27+4 weeks pregnant, I am no where near ready for Little L to come into the world yet. I don't have my hospital bag packed; I haven't got a childcare plan in place; her room is not finished. I just need our little girl to stay in for a little bit longer.

I am still contracting, and there is still a little bleeding, so they've decided it's best to keep me in a little longer. Thankfully though the contractions have not progressed, so I'm hoping Little L is going to stay put, at least for a few more weeks.

Fingers crossed I will make it home soon, I am so ready to be back with my family.