34 Week Hospital Trip

Sometimes things happen that we have no control over, and these things come when you least expect them to. I spent another couple of days in hospital this week, and although I'm home now, it's still been a difficult one for my family and me.

As you may remember just over six weeks ago I had a bit of a scare and ended up in hospital contracting after a fall down the stairs at 27 weeks. I wrote about it my, '27 Week Scare' blog post. There was always a chance after that, Little L may come early.

That didn't make it any easier when - for no reason at all - I started contracting again (alongside violent vomiting; feeling light headed; and being in stupid amounts of pain!) on Tuesday morning.

After a call to antenatal triage - and of course my husband, who rushed home to look after R - I went in to hospital.

I know that at 34 weeks + 2, Little L is almost fully-cooked, but I didn't want her to come this week. It's too early - and if I'm honest, I quite like the idea of her coming on or around her due date so I can have my whole family unit at home for Christmas, as John's paternity leave would cross over it.


They did all the usual checks and put me on the monitor. After projectile vomiting in three bowls (and all down myself, the bed, the chair and the floor...) they also gave me something to stop the sickness.

A couple of hours later, after a speculum check and some more monitoring they decided to give me the first dose of steroids, "as a precaution" they said.

Trusting that is was what is best for the baby and me I let them stab me with a giant needle in the top of my thigh and - I'm not going to lie - cried a little, as I felt the weird sensation of the steroids spreading around.

They admitted me for observation, to make sure the contractions and bleeding stopped - or worst case scenario - they could be there if it all progressed.


Just over 24 hours from the first dose, they gave me a second dose of steroids. If she comes anytime from now until EDD, she will be ok. I have some pretty awesome, ugly, matching bruises on either thigh thanks to the injections but at least I know that I won't have to worry about my baby.

The bleeding, sickness and contractions have stopped - for now.

I'm home again now, and back in my own bed. Trying to resist the urge to get up and find things to do as my nesting instinct is making me want to.

Thankfully I know that we are pretty much there with the baby prep, and so there isn't much for me to do anyway. The cloth diapers that need washing can wait, and the Christmas presents that need wrapping can be done from the comfort of my bed so I can cheat and still do something while I'm resting! The only thing we really need to sort out, is a car seat. Although I'm pretty sure that we're going for the awesome Doona we saw in Kiddicare a few weeks back...

I am eternally grateful for my amazing hubby, who not only came to be with our daughter and make sure everything was ok at home - but also got up super early on his day off today to take R to nursery and let me get some extra rest in bed.

One thing I am gutted about, is that I now won't be able to make the journey to visit my family this weekend, as I had planned. It was meant to be a nice trip to see my dad for his birthday; and to do a Christmas gift handover. Thankfully my family are awesome, and although I'm pretty sure they'll miss us, they are so understanding and just want me and baby to be ok!

I love my family and friends, and am so lucky to have such an amazing support system in place - whether they are near or far.

I have just under six weeks to go now, until little one is actually due. I have no idea if that is when she will really make an appearance; however I will aim to rest and do as little as possible in order to keep her snug and safe inside for as long as possible.