Seeing Baby // 4D Bonding Scans

There is something slightly magical about being able to see your unborn child on a 4D scan. It is surreal to see the little feature so clearly defined and developed already. 

We were fortunate enough to be able to have a 4D bonding scan for both of our girls.

Squidgy - 27+5 weeks

The appointment that we had with R for her 4D scan, I just couldn't work it out. Looking at the screen all I could see was a lot of yellow blobs. John and the lovely sonographer were pointing at the screen, trying to show me the different features that they could see on the screen. I just couldn't see our baby. So I cried. Lots. Not only because I was pregnant and hormonal, but also because the scans are not cheap!

The sonographer sent me and John out of the room, told me to drink lots and go for a walk. We walked around the hospital grounds where we were having the 4D scan for over an hour before heading back to the room for round two. Finally, R was in a better position, and I could see our little girl on the screen.

R was not as clear on her 4D scans as some babies are, but I was so glad that we actually managed to get some decent photos in the end. Being able to pick out her features, and see her daddy's chin and my nose already developing was absolutely incredible.

This time when I cried, it was happy tears. I couldn't believe how amazing the experience was in the end. Even capturing those little fingers as she hid her face behind her hand, or the developing arm as she rolled onto her side to go to sleep towards the end of the scan.

We came away with a number of beautiful photos, as well as a DVD of the experience. We have only ever watched the DVD once, but I'm so glad it's there, and one day I may even show R when she is older.

Little L - 32+3 weeks

Our experience of the 4D scan was so different for L, for a number of reasons. 

  1. We were a lot further along
  2. She was a lot happier to play along and face the camera
  3. I had prepared for the scan by drinking lots, and having plenty of sugar (even if it made me slightly sick!)

At first, the experience was pretty similar. L was just big blobs of yellow on the screen. However, having said this, her features were immediately a lot easier to pick out - probably because she was that much bigger than R was at hers.

We got some of the most amazing photos, that were in some ways so similar to R and in others so unique to L. Little L has her daddy's chin - just like her sister. Looking at her face, you can also see that she has my nose - just like her sister. It was so different to R's though, in terms of the development.

It was amazing to see the extra fat reserves on her body, where R looks rather bony because we had the scan almost five weeks earlier in that pregnancy.

I have to say though, that my favourite moment was the one below... When Little L smiled. R was sitting on her daddy's lap next to me and singing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' to her baby sister, who then in return smiled directly out of the screen. We were all amazed - even the sonographer - at the perfect timing of this amazing moment.

Who knows if we will have any more children in the future, but if we do - and we have the means to do so - we will for sure be returning to have a 4D scan for them too. 

They are so worth the money, and such an amazing bonding experience, especially if - like us - you decide to include older siblings in the experience too.