Autumn is my favourite season of year. I love it when the leaves change colour and begin to fall from the trees. I love that it means we are heading towards my favourite time of year (which is of course, Christmas). I love the shorter day light hours and the fact that the chilly evenings give you a great excuse to stay in and snuggle!

Most of all, I love that autumn means cooler days, which for me is much nicer when it comes to finding activities to do (especially while I'm pregnant)... I hate going out and doing too much in the heat of summer!

This year - as R is a bit older, and harder to entertain - I have had to think a little outside the box when it comes to activities and fun that we can have during this autumn season.

Pumpkin Picking

I have never done this before, but it seems to be all the rage this year! I saw loads of people posting photos and had a look to see if we had a local patch that I could take R to. Turns out we do... and they have tonnes of different fruit and veg there as well as the pumpkin patch so we spent half a day wondering around and having loads of fun at the farm.

The Last of the Sunflowers

R had never seen sunflowers before, and thought they were super amazing. She couldn't believe that they were as tall as she is, some even taller than her. She chose four beautiful, bright ones to take home with us - one for each of our family members - even remembering to pick one for her little sister baby bump.

'Wild' Flower Picking

Rachael absolutely loved all the flowers and getting to choose some beautiful ones that were left over as we arrived towards the end of the season. There was still plenty of options, and we came away with a beautiful brightly coloured selection of 'wild' flowers to put in our home.

Collecting Leaves

We decided that we would do some leaf art - something else that was new for 2016. We went to a local park and spent a little time there, having fun throwing leaves and finding branches made into wigwams. R had a wail of a time, making sure that no leaf was left un-turned!

Making Artwork

One of R's favourite activities to do when we are indoors is make art. She loves to get messy and show off her artwork to everyone that comes by. On Bonfire Night we spent a couple of hours together trying out a new idea that I had seen and it was so much fun. It also made the prettiest pictures!

Feeding the Ducks

On our last family trip to visit my in-laws we popped to the local pleasure grounds to feed the ducks and play in the playground there. It was so much more fun than the last time we went as R fully immersed herself in the experience!

What are your favourite things about autumn? Do you have any special activities that you enjoy with your family?


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