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Today's post for #Blogtober16 was titled, "Zodiac Sign and Does It Fit". As I do not believe in zodiacs and other such superstitions, myself and a few fellow bloggers chose to write a different post. So I'm writing about my love affair with baking.

There are a few different areas that my baking falls into, so I will try and cover off each of them!

Hand-Me-Down Baking

Some of the best type of baking for me, is that which is from recipes handed down from previous generations. My favourite hand-me-down recipe is for a banana cream pie that my grandmother made for my family at every get together and has such amazing memories attached to it. I don't think that mine is as good as hers, but it is amazing to be able to try and recreate her recipe.

Gender Reveal

This is a new type of baking for me, but I had so much fun with it. I made a cake and a few cupcakes to reveal that Little L is a girl. Super cute and super exciting. Of course, they were also super yummy!


I have always baked my husband a cake on his birthday, but there is something so much more special when it comes to baking for your children. This year my daughter asked for Peppa Pig, and as she was having a party at home and a party at my in-laws, I made her two different Peppa Pig themed cakes. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see what she asks for when we get to her third birthday.


My husband and I love to host parties. They always include a bit of booze, an amazing buffet and they have to have some of my baking there too. Everything from chocolate in moulds; chocolate brownies; rocky road; and my famous lemon tart make their appearance. The buffet may have left overs but my baking never does.


This could also be included in the parties section, as for as long as John and I have been together we have hosted a Christmas Eve (or New Years Eve) party at our home. Christmas is my favourite time of year, and baking is one of my favourite pass times, so it seems only right to make sure that I combine the two! The chocolate reindeer sleigh always goes down well, and my homemade mince pies are totally lush (if I do say so myself).

Charity Baking

My husband's company often partake in raising vast amounts of money for charity through various means. For the last two years, they have done the Macmillan Coffee Morning and I have baked for them. Both of these were put up as a prize for a raffle, raising money on the day of the coffee mornings. The farmyard raised just over £70. The carousel outdid it, by raising over £100! Who knows what we will do next year.


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