B is for... Birthdays and Why I Love Them

Whether you choose to enjoy them - or choose to be a grump thinking, "I'm another year older" - birthdays are an inevitable part of life. We have one every year. I love birthdays, and have decided for today's #AlphaBlogBites entry, I will write about why.

Birthdays are an excuse to do things and theme things around whatever you love the most...

I love that you can theme birthday parties and celebrations around things. My favourite birthday theme in memory was my 21st when my mum made me a whole evening based around my favourite story - Alice in Wonderland. I had an amazing Mad Hatter's tea party complete with topsy turvy birthday cake.

When you have children, it is always fun to theme their birthdays. R had a Minnie Mouse themed party for her first birthday, and she keeps asking for a princess party at the moment, so I guess that's birthday number three sorted!

Birthdays change when you share them with your partner and children...

 John's birthday this year was spent with R and myself at a local harvester restaurant

John's birthday this year was spent with R and myself at a local harvester restaurant

Obviously over the years I have never spent a birthday alone; but there is something extra special when you share your birthday with a partner or children. The year I turned 24 we went to the local zoo; something we would never have done before having R. It snowed too... an usual occurrence for the 29th of January!

The early morning snuggles from my gorgeous girl are always amazing, but are definitely the best start to my birthday.

Birthdays don't just celebrate the day of our birth, they also symbolise milestones...

R's first birthday was very special for all of us. It was such an important milestone after all the years of trying for a baby and finally having our beautiful rainbow! We hired out a hall and had a big party for all our family and friends to join us and celebrating our gorgeous girl's first birthday.

 Blowing out her first ever birthday candle!

Blowing out her first ever birthday candle!

Birthdays are fun...

Having a little girl means that birthdays can be super fun! Especially as - despite her love for mud and mess - she loves wearing a princess dress! Not just that but she loves having people around, so parties are a great way to celebrate.

Birthdays are a whole different experience as your child gets older...

R was absolutely amazing this year when we celebrated her second birthday. It was the first time she begun to truly understand what was going on, and enjoyed every second of being the centre of attention! She was fortunate enough to have two parties this year - one in our old city and one in our current home.

I cannot wait until next year, to see how different things are, as R will be turning three and she will have a little sister around to celebrate with her.

Birthdays are a great reason to get together...

This year, we held R's parties on the weekends at either end of the week her birthday fell into. On her actual birthday my brother and grandparents came to visit and spend the day with us. R loved having people she loves around alongside mummy and daddy.

Birthdays are an excuse to eat cake and not feel guilty about it...

I love to bake and I also love to eat cake! One of the best things about birthdays is getting to blow out the candles and then cut up and eat the cake!

Do you love celebrating your birthday? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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