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Every year we do what we can to make Christmas extra special - we always have. Despite our usual slightly over the top decorating in previous years, we go even more crazy since having our daughter. She absolutely loves the whole experience, and there is something extra special about having children at this time of year.

This year was the first year that R could properly help with the decorating, and she absolutely loved it. I think it made it so much more exciting for her that she could be involved - especially when she could then show the other parent what she had done - as each job she did with one of us, while the other got something else done.

Together, R and I decorated the tree. She loved picking out her favourite baubles that included sparkly Minnie Mouse silhouettes and Everton baubles; as well as some that were for her and some that were for Little L. I think her dad may have influenced her choices somewhere in there.

The final part of decorating - and the symbol that our house is ready to just sit down and just enjoy - is putting the star on the top of the tree. This year, R has been excited for days about the idea of daddy lifting her up, and them doing it together... and she was not disappointed. That is exactly what happened. 

Decorating for Advent

I absolutely love our handmade advent calendars that come our every year. R's is a new one - it will be the first year she gets to enjoy the excitement of picking out her chocolate every day. I was going to do something different for her, but as I haven't been well, finding twenty four little gifts to pop in the pockets was not as easy as buying a box of chocolates.

Not only do we have handmade advent calendars every year, but we also have an advent candle. This year I bought a new holder for our candle, with little angels holding hands. This is both cute, and also a way of having little angels as a reminder of our angel babies included in our decorating.

Our Christmas Trees

Last year we had a real tree, but with a baby due imminently, we though it best not to do so this year as we don't want to have to worry about watering it and keeping it alive! Instead we invested in an awesome (and bargain at just Β£20 in the sale!) 7 foot fake tree from B&Q. I think my hubby must have felt sorry for me though, as I love a real tree. He bought me a small potted one to have in our back room... and it has made me so happy.

For the first time, we have not got a colour scheme - unlike every other tree we've had which used to be blue and silver for my Everton loving hubby. Instead, we have a mutli-coloured tree, so that we can include all the extra decorations that we have accumulated over the last couple of years of having our gorgeous daughter; such as the handmade ones found in my Handmade Christmas post.

It is still slightly OCD, as you can tell from the day-lit photo on the left; as I have the entire tree in colour blocks! The only discrepancy is the lights being multi-coloured snowflakes and fairy lights which mix the colours up in the evening.

There is still a little of the old theme remaining, however. We still have our tree skirt in blue and silver around the base of it!

The Little Extras

Our decorating extends beyond the usual tree and tinsel, and we have always included a couple of Christmas cushion on our sofas. This year we invested in a few new cushion covers. Not only are they smaller to store, but they are pretty awesome too!

Am I the only one who uses door stops these days? They usually end up joining my daughter in her games of tea parties and more, however that doesn't stop me swapping them over for a Christmas pudding and snowman version at Christmas time.

We also have Christmas in our bathrooms in the form of toilet seat covers, bath mats, hand towels and face cloths. It has also spread into our kitchen where I have everything from crockery to towels and lights in the window.

For as long as I can remember, John has wanted a Christmas scene that lights up and sings - and this year I finally decided I would let him have one! I bought him this gorgeous mountain scene complete with moving skiers, train and ice skaters. I love it, but I think he loves it more!

Christmas is not Christmas without my yearly poinsettia! This year it came from Sainsbury's and I think it is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever had.

There is so much more in our home in the way of Christmas decorations - but I won't bored you with a run down of every single thing! All I will say is that, despite my being ill during this pregnancy, I am glad that we had a chance to get the decorations up and turn our house back into a grotto that would make Santa proud!

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