C is for... Counting Down to Special Dates

Before you even begin to read this post, I'd imagine that you can guess what I am going to talk about counting down to!

6 weeks + 2 days

Today marks my being 33+4 weeks pregnant. Which means I have 6 weeks and 2 days before Little L's estimated due date.

We are finally getting to a place where we are actually prepared, and my nesting instinct has well and truly set it (much to my detriment as it doesn't help me rest!)


As we are now into November, other countdowns have also started. It 

1 week + 3 days

In just over one weeks time, it is my dad's birthday. I will be popping down South to visit, and - as it will probably be the last trip down I make prior to Little L's arrival - I will be taking Christmas presents with me! (Yes, they are already sorted...) 



2 weeks + 1 day

My in-laws are coming to visit, something they haven't had a chance to do for a wee while.

It will be lovely to have them, although I'm pretty sure I will use it as an excuse to rest while Squidgy is occupied by her grandparents! 

3 weeks + 2 days

At the end of the month, my best friend will be coming to stay, and we have booked in to go and see Santa with R together. 

It is always amazing when, 'Aunty' Kat comes to stay, and R gets super excited every time. 

7 weeks + 2 days

Of course the other big countdown is to Christmas. We decorate our house on the 1st December every year, and fill our handmade advent calendars with chocolate.

Usually we visit Santa at an amazing Winter Wonderland hosted within Baytree Garden Centre in Spalding. We would also be planning our annual Christmas party.

With Little L due, we are simply counting down to Christmas, and hoping that she will arrive on time and we can spend Christmas as a family of four. 

If we're going to go all out on this whole countdown thing, I might as well say we also have the following to look forward to in the coming months... 

2 months + 1 week

John will be celebrating his birthday with his three ladies, his first as a daddy to two. 

2 months + 3 weeks + 4 days

My turn to celebrate my birthday! 

3 months + 3 weeks

R will be celebrating her third birthday. I can't believe how close that is! I also can't believe that she is going to be three... 


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