Disney Characters I Identify With

I think today's #Blogtober16 entry was suppose to be a single character that I am most like... but instead I chose a few that I most identify with.

Read on to find out who I have chosen and why! 



I don't have an evil stepmother or stepsisters but I did meet my own Prince Charming when I found John.

Plus he had a lot of women who loved him but I was the one who won his heart! 

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) 


I think I'm kind of cheating with this one; because the point I'm making here is I would love to sleep.

100 minutes uninterrupted would be perfect, maybe not 100 years though!



I know, I'm white - but I really identify with Pocahontas. She is fiercely independent, loves to sing, and fell in love with someone she shouldn't. 

I fell in love with a guy who was my boss. That counts right? 

Which Disney character would you say most personifies you?