E is for... Earth's Beauty in my Home

Anyone who knows me - even a little bit - knows that I absolutely love flowers. They are such an amazing part of creation, and I am happy to receive them whatever the occasion. Today I'm going to share with you some of the beautiful bouquets I have received over the years, and maybe you will understand a little of why I am in love with them!

One of the most incredible bouquets I have ever received was the one that John managed to gift me for our second anniversary.

As we were celebrating in Tenerife, it was the last item I expected to recieve that day. It's not as if you see a local florist on every corner of the tourist resort!


Of course I do have the odd bouquet bought just because my husband likes to spoil me, but the next bouquet that holds a lot of fond memories, is the one John bought when I was pregnant with R.

Not long after we had been for our 12 week scan - and knew everything was ok - John surprised me by bringing home from work a stunning bouquet of roses.  I had been so ill, and it was a wonderful surprise to receive them. As we didn't know our baby's gender at that point, so neutral colours were all the rage, hence they were yellow roses!


Jump across the timeline to twenty two weeks later, and we were home and celebrating the birth of our first born daughter.

After R was born, we did of course receive a fair few gifts to congratulate us on the safe arrival of our little girl. Not only that though, I was sent some amazing flowers by my grandparents, my parents and also John's work colleagues!

I don't remember having many flowers in my home after those initial bouquets, one R had arrived. Our priorities changed and our money was spent on other things.

However In 2015 he brought home the most beautiful bouquet!  It was so unusual, and I adored it. Not that he needs one, but Christmas is a great excuse for John to buy me flowers, and I am so pleased he did that year.


Now that I'm not just a wife - but also a mother - bouquets usually arrive to me with a couple of knocked off petals and tonnes of extra love, regardless of who they are from.

For my birthday, I often see a pretty bouquet walk through my door. These days I am lucky enough to usually receive two, as daddy always makes sure his daughter treats her mummy too!

Over all, John is super romantic, and I am so lucky to have found a man who not only treats me right but also treats me; plus family and friends who know me well enough to send me flowers to celebrate or to cheer me up!

I love the memories each flower bouquet represents, and wish I could share every one that I have had over the years!


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