X is for... eXciting Times

I have made it to 36 weeks - ten weeks on from the first scare we had and thinking that we may have our little girl a lot earlier than planned. It is amazing to think that at this point, she is less than one week from being considered term, and less than a month from her estimated due date. The next few weeks have lots of exciting things to look forward to for sure!

I'm exciting for Little L's arrival...

I have actually started behaving myself - and listened to the doctors when they said I need to be resting! As hard as it may seem, being so close to the final countdown makes it a bit easier to just chill out - even if my nesting instinct is demanding I do something.

We are so ready at this point, after the couple of 'threatened premature labour' trips into hospital that I have had, so now it is just a matter of playing the waiting game - and I can't believe how close we are to having our little girl in our arms!

At this point, I am starting to think about other things too... I am not only counting down the days to when Little L arrives, but starting to realise we have other things happening soon too!

I'm excited for our next photoshoot...

After seeing the amazing photos that Lesley took at our baby bump maternity photoshoot, I cannot wait until we have our baby photoshoot. It is all booked in ready for when Little L arrives, and is going to be fabulous!

I have been trawling Pinterest for ideas on what type of photos I am after as part of the selection that we will take, and keep reminiscing about our photoshoot when R was just six days young. It is going to be awesome this time around, as we will have photos of us all as a family as well as R and L together. 

Super special!

I'm excited for Christmas...

Christmas eve is one month away today. The fact that we are suddenly so close to Christmas has me both a little apprehensive (as I have no idea where we will be for Christmas, as it depends purely on Little L's arrival) but also super excited. There is so many things that I love about Christmas, as you will see over the next couple of weeks in some of my upcoming blog posts.

There are so many things that we would usually so in the lead up to Christmas day - some of which I will be able to do, and some which we will have to miss out on this year.

One of the most exciting things every year is the visit that we make to the Winter Wonderland at Baytree Garden Centre in Spalding. I am really hoping that I will be up to making the trip this year, as we all love it and I would be gutted to miss it. There is plenty of other places that we could visit instead, that are a bit closer to home - but this is one thing I look forward to that I don't want to lose out on.


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