My Favourite TV Programmes | Blogtober 2018 | Me Becoming Mum

Between Sky and Netflix, I am never short of choices when it comes to what I want to watch, but oftentimes we don't have the TV on. On days when it is miserable weather and we can't be outside in the garden, and we don't have anything planned for the day, I will have to compete against my daughter for what to put on, as she would love to permanently watch Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

However, if I am alone (when she's in bed) or I've convinced her to play with toys or on the iPad, here are a few of my favourite programmes to watch:

  • Once Upon A Time I just can't help it, I love a bit of fantasy. Once I started watching, I was hooked. The way they cleverly link the characters and so much more have me in love with it.

  • The Great British Bake Off; Great British Menu; and Masterchef You can't go wrong with a bit of cooking and baking for easy watching. Amateurs or professionals I'm not too bothered, I just love watching them!

  • Desperate Housewives From start to finish I would watch this again and again. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those programmes that I actually really enjoy. Much better than trashy 'Real Housewives of...'

  • A League of Their Own My husband and I watch this together. It's always a good laugh!

There are other programmes I watch, some regularly, some I jump in an out of.

Occasionally I will watch the X-factor (especially the auditions because of the funny or ridiculous entries they get) or Strictly Come Dancing (because my girl loves to dance around the front room and pretend to be them!) but these are not programmes that I would worry about if I missed episodes for a week or two.

Do you have a favourite or two? 


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