F is for... Firework Parties

I absolutely love fireworks, although they have become a lot more exciting since having R around to enjoy them with!

R's first Guy Fawkes night, was spent at our home in Peterborough, with a few of the new friends that we had made in the months since we moved here. We had a fabulous evening although R was a little scared of the loud noises that the fireworks made. She was much more interested in playing with the other children that had come over to celebrate with us.

In 2015 we hosted another party. this time we went bigger and better with some really quite impressive home fireworks. R absolutely loved them, and we had so much fun with friends over, a superb buffet and of course we also had a massive selection of baking.

Yesterday saw us host our final party of 2016, and our final party as a family of 3. It was a lot smaller than previous years as we weren't planning on doing it due to my being ill! I'm glad we did in the end as R thought the whole thing was totally fabulous.

Her favourite part was being able to do sparklers 'on her own' (although she was still fully supervised, she held it herself rather than watching other people with them) for the first time.

Thanks to the fact that I am still not 100% health wise (this pregnancy is really taking it's toll on me!)  I was not up to the usual spread that I would put out as a buffet. We cheated and had a selection of shop bought goodies along side the traditional hot dogs in buns!

What do you do to celebrate Bonfire Night?


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