Forever Life Changing | Having a Baby | Me Becoming Mum

In the time leading up to when you first become a parent you are given tonnes of thoughts and advice by those around you, already on the amazing journey we call, "parenthood".

Something that you will hear over and over again is, "everything is about to change" and, "your life will never be the same." If you're like me - you will simply smile, and say something like, "I know."

Trust me though, you don't know!

I am a "list person". I like to be organised, have everything planned out, and be completely prepared for anything. However, no amount of list writing or planning can prepare you for the changes to every aspect of your life, from your calendar to your emotions.

The day our little girl arrived in our lives, I was not prepared and I had no idea how much things were about to change.

On the morning I gave birth, the midwives at the hospital told me that I was not in labour. I was in hospital from around 3am because I was bleeding, not because I was about to have a baby. I didn't have my hospital bag, despite it having been packed for weeks; I had nothing for the baby, as that was with my hospital bag; and finally, I was on my own, so my husband could get some sleep.

Four hours after first being told I was not dilating or in labour (and twenty minutes before our daughter arrived in the world!) I was rushed into the birthing suite as suddenly they could see her head. Then, almost without warning, I became a mother.

In that moment, everything changed. What occurred was completely different to anything I had felt before. I felt raw, exhausted, selfless and completely overprotective. I didn't care about the things that were happening to me, I was consumed by this little life that I had brought into the world.

I was a new person. I was a mum. This tiny little person was fully reliant on me. Even as she grows more independent, I continue to be an important part of her life and development.

It doesn't stop at birth though. When you're a parent your life is forever changing. It changes the day they learn to crawl, and you have to consider new hazards. It changed the day they learn to climb, and you panic they'll fall off whatever they've just conquered. It changes the day they learn to walk, and a whole new level of items is suddenly in reach. It changes the day they learn to talk, and you can't ever get them to be quiet. Everytime they learn, everytime they grow, every milestone they reach, will change your life once again.

I can promise you something though, every moment is precious. Every change is worth it.