To Reveal, or Not Reveal, That is the Question!

There is always a debate between parents when it comes to your baby's gender. Do you find out at the 20 week scan? Do you tell people once you have found out? For us, we found out at both of our scans, and here's what we did... When I was pregnant with R, we made the decision we wanted our baby's gender to be a surprise. Apparently she had other ideas, and she rolled over and showed us her bits (or lack there of!) during the 20 week scan. At our 4D scan, her gender was again confirmed for definite.

Despite having found out ourselves, we chose not to tell people unless they specifically asked. In the end it was only a few close family and friends that knew we were having a girl until the day we announced she had arrived in the world.

My brother - the guy behind Joshua Earle Photography - shot a selection of maternity photos with my hubby and me. In one of the photos, we placed little pink booties on my bump. Despite doing this, we chose not to show anybody the colour version, simply posting it in black and white, so it still left people guessing.

Very early on, after discovering she was a little girl we came up with R's name.  She has, in my opinion, a beautiful name. Her first name is Rachael, because it's my #1 favourite girl's name. She then has two middle names. The first is Beatrice after John's grandmother, who had a massive influence in his life and secondly we chose Amy a beautiful name from my mother's side.

When it came to Baby #2, we came up with a few different names that we both loved, (both for if we found out we're having a boy but also for if we found out we're having another girl). After a short discussion about it, we decided we would - if possible -like to know what this baby's gender is. There was a number of reasons for this, but here's my top two reasons:

  1. The ability to be prepared - If we had found out that our little one is a boy, there would have been a lot of extra preparation required. Currently the nursery (which used to be R's room) is pink, plus most of R's old clothes are also pink with lots of pretty dresses.
  2. The option to involve R, and talk to her about her baby sister or brother - When it comes to having another baby, I think it is important to include the siblings in the whole process, especially if they are, like R, currently an only child. Knowing the gender means we are able to tell her the name of her baby sibling, and encourage her to bond with the baby in mummy's tummy.

We were lucky when we attended the appointment for this little one. The sonographer was - despite baby being a wriggly little monkey - able to have a look and let us know what the gender of our little one is.

Then came the next big decision - do we keep it secret this time, as we did with R? Or do we have fun with the discovery and do an awesome reveal, just like we did when we announced we were having another baby? We went with the latter. I must say that we had an awesome time doing the pictures too!

As you have probably worked out by now, I love a bit of searching on Pinterest. There is so much amazing stuff to be found there, and it was there I found a fantastic selection of ideas to choose from for our own gender reveal.

After I told John what I had decided to do - and that it only involved my baby bump and our daughter - he insisted that we find something for him to use as a reveal too. So we ended up with two different reveals.

Firstly, for mine, I did a black and white series of photos with R, where her handprints revealed the gender by colour. To do this, I bought a pot of cheap, bright pink paint for just £1 at my local Sainsbury's during my weekly shop, and a plain white vest for £3 from Primark. We used the garden to take our photos, mainly as I didn't fancy the cleaning potentially involved where a toddler, paint and indoor carpets are concerned. As a backdrop, I hung a white bed sheet over our patio doors, and tried my best to keep everything happening in front of it. It was a lot of fun, very messy, and R (as you can probably tell from her giant grin) absolutely loved it. As for me, I love the way the photos turned out.

Now to John's reveal. I love to do a bit of baking, and unfortunately - due to numerous health during this pregnancy - I have not really had much opportunity to do any recently. So when John said he wanted a cake for his reveal, I happily obliged. With a little help from R, I made a small, basic, piñata cake. It is certainly not the best, most exciting, or neatest cake I have ever made, but it did the job. Plus, I'm pretty sure John's colleagues enjoyed the fact that our gender reveal resulted in cake being shared amongst them!

Who knows what decision we will make, if in the future we have another baby. We have done both now - no gender reveal for R, followed by a (pretty awesome) couple of gender reveals for Baby L! 

Whatever happens, I am so happy with the decision that we made for both our girls. Now to begin the countdown to the arrival of baby girl #2.