G is for... [The] Gift of Love

If you're not partial to a bit of romance and sappy love talk, I suggest that this post is not for you! Today's #AlphaBlogBites entry is one that will see you through the years I have spent with the love of my life!

Bette Milder sung a beautiful song with the same title as this blog post, and I think it pretty much sums up everything that I want to say here.

I met the love of my life when I was working part time in the same store that he started in the year he joined the company. Little did I know that eight years down the line we would be married with children! 

He asked me if I would like to date him over the phone... one of the least romantic things he has done in the time that we have been together; but of course I said, "yes"!

We spent an amazing nine months dating before our first holida together where he proposed to me on a star lit night in a beautiful Indian restaurant over-looking a dancing fountain.

He must have been pretty sure I'd be giving him a positive answer as once I had gotten over the shock and said, "yes" the staff all came rushing out to congratulate us and bring us two glasses of champagne that John had ordered when he'd told me he was popping to the loo!

My brother took the photos for our engagement photoshoot, and the two that are my favourite are not ones that we posed for! Candid expressions of the love that John and I share.

After a year and eight months of planning we finally tied the knot.

We had such a beautiful wedding, and it was everything I had ever dreamed of. I felt like a princess, and I was so grateful to have my family and friends around me on the day.

I was lucky enough to have my mum help me get ready and tie the corset back of my dress, and my dad - ever the calm and collected one - to ground me as we prepared for me to walk down the aisle.

As Christians, we celebrated our love in a very public, traditional way. We had our ceremony held in the church that John's parents had married in; and that John had been Christened in. e had hymns and prayers and all of it was shared with tonnes of our friends, family and neighbours.

It was such an amazing feeling to be married, and to hold my husband's hand as we left the church.

The love that we have for each other could not have been shown more than the way that we look at each other in the photos, for example during our first dance. They are not posed, they are not forced, they are simply moments captured on camera.

Furthermore, the love that our family and friends have for us was amazingly evident in the sheer volume of people that attended our wedding. Not only this, but we also had so much help with everything from the planning to the cake that was made by John's aunt.

To this day, I still get butterflies when John holds me in his arms. I am so grateful for the years that we have spent together, and for the love that we share.

Over the next few years we will be joining other members of my family - including my brother and some of my cousins -  to celebrate their marriages. It's amazing to see how love is different for everyone, and to share in those memories with them.

So, here's to many more happy years celebrating the gift of love. 


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