What Do You Buy the Man Who Has Everything?

My house is filled with a wonderful array of items that all four of my family members, me included, have accumulated over time. My husband is one of the easiest men to buy for, because he has a very specific but quite long list of areas of interest. Unfortunately that means that over the years I have pretty much exhausted these areas when it comes to buying and making gifts... so what do you buy for the man who has everything?

Step One: Make a List

To start with, I made a list of all the areas of interest, favourite things and other points that I could start off with when it came to selecting gifts. This includes:

  • Tigger (and all things Winnie the Pooh themed in general, but especially Tigger) .
  • Everton (although he got so much for Christmas from his parents and from me, that this was a pretty no go area).
  • Food (including but not limited to shortbread and white chocolate).
  • He's a husband. 
  • He's a daddy. 

There was more on the list but I won't bore you with everything. The last things I added to the list were a couple of bits that I knew he needed - a new belt and a new hoody.

Step Two: Get Searching

It was pretty simple really. With a toddler and a newborn to contend with, there was very little chance I would get out of the house to do much shopping, so I simply did it online. 

First stop, Amazon. Amazon is pretty much my go-to place when it comes to shopping, as the majority of things can be found there, and more often then not they are cheaper than elsewhere.

Of course my first search was for items from me - however I seem to have exhausted most of the Amazon "husband gifts" search! In the end I simply ordered the Dont's for Husbands small hardback book which I knew he would find amusing even if he doesn't pay attention to the advice inside!

The next go-to search was for daddy themed gifts, something there is never a shortage off!

When I was scrolling through the different pages of daddy items, my eagle eyed toddler spotted Daddy Pig on the screen, and of course that meant the first item that ended up in my online basket was Daddy Pig's Words of Wisdom hardback book.
As a classic movie lover, I knew this Top Gun style "Top Dad" t-shirt would be a hit. It's also available in larger sizes which is always useful when you have a hubby who is 6"3' and of a larger build. There was a couple of movie themed dad tees, so I showed them to R and she chose this one.
As we had just received the photos from our baby photoshoot I decided to put one of our girls in this small "We Love our Dad" photo frame. We have quite a lot of photos around the house, as we love to capture memories and have them displayed; but that doesn't mean we don't have space for more!
photo frame
Joining two things he loves together - Tigger and being a dad - I ordered this personalised Tigger keyring with "Daddy" on for him to put his house keys on.
tigger daddy keyring
The obvious gifts such as a new movie in the form of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, on DVD and new music (for a man who still prefers a physical copy!) in the form of Lady Antebellum's album, 747, completed my Amazon trawl.

Step Three: Top Up With Cheap Additions

Let's face it - no matter how old you are, unwrapping gifts and finding out what's inside is always tonnes of fun. 

When you have an excitable toddler around, it becomes even more fun - because they tend to love to 'help' - whether it's helping to wrap or un-wrap them.


If, like us, you know that your little one will be helping to unwrap - and will have lots of fun doing so - you can top up the gift stash with some cheap options.

We popped to Poundland and picked up a selection of items that I knew he likes - from liquorice to Toblerone.  Buying these items is also a great way to ensure you are not cluttering your house up with more 'stuff' that you don't need; because once they're eaten they don't take up any extra space!

Having extra presents means extra wrapping too. It's a good job that I love gift wrapping, and always have a stash of paper and other bits to use when we wrap gifts.

Another cheap addition to the standard wrapped gifts, is curling ribbon and cute bows. They are a nice way to complete it all, and of course Squidgy loved sticking the bows on - so it was yet another way to involve her in the process.


Step Four: Get Creative

I used some time when our youngest was sleeping to bake a chocolate cake for my hubby - something that I never thought I'd be able to do with a cluster feeding baby and toddler who is too hyper to stop and concentrate on something like baking.

We made it though; and although it wasn't perfect - and we didn't even ice it - it was special anyway because it was homemade with tonnes of love by me and our toddler who is a total daddy's girl!ย 

homemade chocolate cake

So there you go - a few idea to help you when you're next stuck trying to decide what to buy for the difficult to buy for man in your life!