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When it comes to handmade - especially since I started running my own handmade business - I love being surrounded by tonnes of handmade items. This year for Christmas we will have the largest selection of handmade items that we have ever had - and I am so excited to share them with you.

Advent Calendars

My mother-in-law is a talented seamstress, and when John was younger she made a quilted advent calendar, complete with toys around a fireplace for him. She and my father-in-law have one that she made too... as does my sister-in-law!

For the last few years, John and I have filled each pocket with chocolate and we share this gorgeous handmade advent calendar. This year will be the first year that R has an advent calendar, and we have been super lucky that my mother-in-law found the time to quilt R a beautiful handmade one too!

Belle, Our Elf on a Shelf

I am so sad to say that Beau Peep is no longer around - but I was lucky enough to be able to order this beautiful handmade Elfette before she closed up shop. I adore her, and think she is a nice alternative to the traditional EOAS - which, let's be honest, are slightly odd looking!

Made predominately out of felt, Belle is both cute and well made; with a gorgeous Christmas skirt, glittery top and matching bow. She also has safety eyes, which means that she is safe to have out and about with my daughter in the house.


Our Elf Door

We couldn't invite Belle into our home without a magical elf door... So of course I had to find one to enable her to visit. 

Our gorgeous door was hand crafted by Claytastic Cake Toppers, which is not only a small, local business (I love to buy from and to support small business owners - mainly because I am one!) but it also is run by an awesome fellow mummy blogger, who writes over at Mummy and Moose.

Christmas Tree Decorations

We have a fair few handmade decorations that will be hanging on our tree this year - mostly because R makes them at her nursery- including lolly stick stars & toddler painted salt dough decorations! We also have a Christmas tree shaped decoration that was inside John's stocking last year, which R and I painted together and has baubles made from finger prints on it.

My very talented mum has also got a special bauble that we hang on our tree - a fabric and ribbon ball that is blue and silver to match the theme we usually have in our front room thanks to my Everton loving husband.

Family Tree Tinsel Christmas Decoration

My mum must be the reason that I am so into creating beautiful things, because she puts her hand to lots of fun crafty ideas. I love this tree that we have made from a Christmas tree frame, silver tinsel, bright coloured beads and little letter beads spelling out each of our names.

This year my mum will be adding an extra line to it, as we add our Little L to our family.


As well as the advent calendar that mother in-law made, she also created a pattern for and sewed together a stocking for my husband when he was little; which she still fills up for him every year. When we had our first daughter, she made one for her too!

I decided that I would make myself and my hubby matching ones to hang up alongside our girl's. This year - once my mother-in-law has finished Little L's - there will be four handmade stockings hanging up, ready for Santa to fill them up!

There are other items in our home that are handmade to. We of course have some crochet items around that I have made, and we have a wooden angel to represent our angel babies. I also have a number of awesome handmade goodies that will be put into our Christmas eve box, but that is a post for another day!

I will always love including handmade items in our home - and I doubt that I will stop buying and making just because we have a lot of decorations; and our house is already full to the brim looking like Santa's grotto!

Do you have any favourite handmade items that you have in your home?


For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about my handmade Christmas decorations which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.