J is for... Joy Found in the Little Things

As a child, you easily find joy in the smallest of things, but as an adult you sometimes forget to enjoy the little things, even though they're the things that matter! There are a few areas of my life that I have experience joy, and I am about to tell you all about them! Brace yourself, I'm a bit of a romantic sap sometimes!

Joy as a girlfriend

Whether is was the fact that he was amazing as knowing just what I needed (from a chocolate bar to a surprise bunch of flowers) or the fact that he would take me on amazing holidays, John has brought so much joy into my life.

I knew not long after we started dating that he was, 'the one' and I feel so lucky that he's all mine!

Joy as a wife

John and I had been together for just over two years when we got married. despite people saying it wouldn't change anything - being a wife brought new levels of joy to my life. 

I felt such joy as my dad walked me down the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband.

I felt such joy as my new husband held my hand and we walked out of the church as man and wife. 

I felt such joy as he held me in his arms for our first dance. 

I felt such joy looking at my passport and driver's license and saw 'Mrs' as my new title. 

Becoming Mrs H is definitely in my top five life moments!

Joy as a mother

When I became a mum, it brings a mixture of emotions, but joy is certainly the main one!

The feeling of joy at being a mum meant I could deal with the, "feed me" screams; the feeds through the night; the puke; and the explosive poos.  

Everytime I look st R, I am flooded with a sense of pride and awe... I made her; I'm raising her; and she is totally awesome!

Joy as our family grows

Now that we are soon to have another little one joining our ranks, I know that I have so much more joy to look forward to.

The joy I feel every day as I watch as R bonds with her baby sister bump. I often cry (silly hormones!) at how incredible she is. 

The joy of holding my new baby girl.

The joy of seeing R interact with her baby sister. 

Joy looking at my family

One of the most joyous parts of my life is seeing the amazing relationship my husband has with his daughter. 

She is such a daddy's girl, and he totally dotes on her. She is not spoilt, but she is so loved.

Every moment that we share together as a family is amazing, and being able to capture those candid daddy-daughter moments brings me so much joy.


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