K is for... Knowledge We Teach

As a parent, you hold many roles through the years. One thing that you will always be to your children however, is a teacher.

In the time that R has been alive, John and I have spent many hours teaching her new things. 

We taught her to walk. We taught her to talk. Walking up and down the stairs, we taught her to count to ten. We taught her how to hold a crayon, and how to use the toilet. Now that she is a little older, we are started to teach her new things from nursery rhymes to life lessons.

She loves to sing, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Wheels on the Bus"  and, "Wind the Bobbin Up" amongst others. It is literally the cutest thing to hear our little one singing, even if she doesn't know all the right words sometimes. She also loves to sing to her little sister baby bump. L loves to listen and dance along too!

Recently we have started teaching R the value of money. We bought her a little piggy bank and when she helps around the house doing chores and behaves well, we give her 5p or 10p to put into her piggy bank.

It was amazing to take her to Poundworld for her first shopping trip where she took the two pound she had earned and bought herself some Disney book. She did the whole thing herself, from choosing what she wanted to completing the transaction at the till point.

I know that we have many more years of knowledge to impart. We will teach her many new things from how to read and write, to how to drive.

Knowledge is a part of every day life, and I am having so much fun passing on my own to my daughter. 


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