A Letter to the Girl Who Dreams | Blogtober 2016 | Me Becoming Mum

For today's entry to #Blogtober16 I am supposed to write a letter to someone.  I spent a while trying to decide who I was going to write to as there is a few options!

I could have written a love letter to my husband, or a letter to my two year old that she can read when she's older... or somthing else entirely.

I decided I would write a letter to myself - the younger me - before I became a wife and a mother. This letter could also be seen as a letter to any woman who has dreams and aspirations, hence the title of my post.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Here goes. 

I was so cute and innocent...

To the Girl Who Dreams,

Oh to be young and carefree again. Make the most of being young, because before you know it, life has taken over and things have changed in ways you never imagined they would.

As you grow up, you strive to build the future that you dream of. You spend your waking hours working towards it, and your sleeping hours dreaming of it. 

You never think that things may not go your way. When you are young there is a blissful ignorance, a belief that everything will be OK and go exactly as you plan. 

I know you dream of meeting your Prince Charming, and having a beautiful white wedding. The dream continues, as you building a family with him, and making a home filled with love and laughter.


What a wonderful dream. 

I'm going to share some secrets with you, to help you in the pursuit of that dream.

Always Be Yourself

There is so much pressure in the modern world to conform to a certain style, or look, or way of thinking.

Be unconventional; be unique; be you! You are special, and perfect just the way you are. 

Never Give Up

You know, you can - and will - achieve what you set out to. 

Your life may not be how you imagined it; but never let go of your dreams, and never give up on the goal of achieving them.

Keep Dreaming

Sometimes, your priorities - and life - change. Sometimes, you will fulfill your dreams. Other times, you won't. 

Whatever happens, keep dreaming.  Let your dreams change, adapt and grow with you. Continue to aim for them. Never stop dreaming.

Stay Strong

Life is a bumpy road. It has hills and valleys, straight paths and windy paths. There will be trials and tribulations, but you have to know one thing: you are strong enough to keep on through it all. 

Trust Others

You are never alone... so don't hide away and try and deal with things by yourself. 

Learn who you can trust, and utilise them as a support network through the hardest things you will have to face. 

Believe in Yourself

There are times when you will think you are not strong enough, or brave enough, or good enough. There are times when you will feel doubt creep in. 

Believe that you are strong enough. Believe that you are brave enough. Believe that you are good enough... because you are.

Yours always, 

~x~ N ~x~


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