Living Arrows 13/53 | Me Becoming Mum

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran


This week's photos for Donna' Linky were taken early on last week before Squdigy caught chicken pox and became quite ill.


Squidgy was playing peekaboo over the arm of the sofa making everyone laugh, especially as she was sitting on top of the toy box. She then started to hand me "cups of tea" and other things from her kitchen as if the sofa arm was a coffee shop counter! Her imagination never ceases to amaze me.

Little L

 Our youngest monkey lives by the manga, "anything she can do, I can do better..." so upon seeing her sister at the arm of the sofa she of course had to climb up too and join in. She is so cheeky and had such amazing facial expressions with it.

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Living Arrows