Living Arrows 2/53 | Me Becoming Mum

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran


Last week we spent quite a lot of time with my in-laws (if you saw last week's #LivingArrows post you will know we were there for New Years!) as we also went to the Windsor Pantomime with them! It was the first time I have been in years, and for Squidgy and her cousin the first time ever!


As we went to Theatre Royal Windsor, we had to make a visit up the road to the castle and Squidgy loved having a look around the outside (she asked to go in but we didn't have time!)

Little L

As for Little L? Well she has been cheeky as ever and is really beginning to show her own personality, especially the day she snuck into the kitchen and was playing with the Gruffalo skittles her sister has. When I came in she was making the fox and mouse kiss and blowing raspberries. You know, standard stuff!

Life is getting back to normal this week, with Squidgy back at preschool although we are going to be celebrating John's birthday so I'm sure we have plenty of fun lined up!

Living Arrows