My Photo of the Week // Living Arrows 26/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran


You may remember last week I wrote a post for Donna's Living Arrows linkie that included a milestones hit by my baby during our time on board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. Today I am sharing a couple more photos from our time away, now that our trip has sadly come to an end.


On each of the days that we were at sea travelling between ports, there was a ball held in the evening from Starlight to Masquerade themed, each one saw us dress up and have an amazing time. On the night of the masquerade ball, she watched in awe as people ballroom danced around the room in some amazing masks, and even had mask herself to wear!

She wore the most amazing dress that my mom had bought from Monsoon, and she loved how it span and twirled as she moved in it. Of course that meant she had to show it off with all her best dance moves on the dance floor. She loved taking my mother-in-law to the edge of the space where the real ballroom dancing was taking place and twirling and spinning and trying to copy everything they were doing.


I think we will have to find somewhere for her to learn to waltz, tango and foxtrot for real as she was desperately trying and wasn't to bad at it either!

Little L

There are some lovely shots of my children from our holiday, so it was difficult to choose the best ones for today's post. I thought this one of Little L was both cute and quite funny, as the look she is giving me makes me giggle everytime I see this photo! 


It was awesome to see her trying and learning new things whilst we were away, from tasting lots of new foods as we continued the beginning of our baby led weaning journey, to sitting with confidence in the rock hard totally non supportive high chairs, without a care in the world (as long as you gave her food of course!) 

It's a wonderful thing to see her growing up and becoming her own little independent person, but I wish that it wasn't happening quite so fast! She's still a complete boob monster however, no signs of her weaning off that any time soon! 

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