My Photo of the Week // Living Arrows 44/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran


Last week, for the first time in a while, we didn't have any major events to attend, or places we visited, so instead this week's post for Donnas #LivingArrows linky has a couple of photos from home. 


If you follow me on Instagram  you may have seen  similar photo in this post I popped up last week. The photo below was taken on the same day and never ceases to make me giggle whenever I see it.

Squidgy is so full of personality, fun and laughter; and is always trying to find new and interesting ways to entertain everyone. I believe this moment was the one she was pretending to be a lion, you know, as you do.


Little L

This week has seen the youngest member of our family achieve a massive milestone. She boldly stepped away from the safety of furniture to take her first independent steps. It wasn't a surprise as she has been on her feet wandering around for a while now, but it was still amazing to see how much joy she found in doing so and how proud she was of herself, even standing to applaud!

Now she is finding new ways to excite and terrify is all as she is working on her hand-foot coordination to clamber up onto things such as sofas, beds and even her toys!

That is all for this week, see you again in a week's time for another dose of #LivingArrows. 

Living Arrows