Making Memories at our Maternity Photoshoots

We have had two very different experiences when it has come to our two maternity photoshoot sessions. They were done by two different photographers, and one was indoor and one was outdoor.

With R, I convinced my little brother of Joshua Earle Photography, to step out of his usual photography style and do a few photos of John, me and my bump.  

Having my mom at the photoshoot (as it was done in my parents house!) meant we were never short of fun ways to commemorate the occasion. This movie clapper board was a great way of taking a note of the details of our photoshoot.

it was important for me that John was included. The experience of becoming parents is not just about me becoming a mum - even though I am the one who carried and gave birth to R. John became a dad too! The photo above on the left is my favourite from the whole photoshoot.

The idea of this photo was that we were going to use it as a gender reveal. However we changed our mind and kept the fact that we were having a little girl a secret.

There is something amazing about the way that a woman's body can adapt to incorporate the growing baby inside her. I loved my baby bump, and once he was able to start feeling R bouncing around, John did too.

You may have seen this shot before, as it has almost become the embodiment of my blog - me becoming mum.

This time around, we had a very different experience at our maternity photoshoot. We booked our photoshoot with Lesley from Aleeka's Dreams Photography. Thankfully, having worked with Leslie before, we felt at ease and got some beautiful shots. The two main differences with this maternity photoshoot, were the fact it was held outdoors and we, of course, included R.

We got such amazing photos from this photoshoot; and I cannot speak highly enough of how professional and patient Lesley was with us. Especially when R decided she was bored!

We of course had to recreate a couple of the same shots, meaning we had John and my hands creating a heart on my bump, and him standing behind me. 

Having R involved, kissing me, and kissing Little L was such a magical thing... and I am so pleased we managed to capture these moments. 

I may not feel 100% at the moment, but I have to say I love my baby bump, and was amazed at how beautiful even I thought I looked in these shots! I may have my issues, and struggle with my image when I am pregnant - because half the time I am throwing up and feeling totally rubbish - but I cannot fault these photos at all.

We have had so much amazing feedback from our friends and family, and now I can't wait until we have Little L's baby photoshoot with Lesley, as I know that they will be just as special!