My Ultimate List of Mummy Freebies | Me Becoming Mum

I'm pretty sure that if you ask anyone if they want something for free, they are highly unlikely to say, "no, thanks!" With all the expenses that head your way when you are pregnant and a new parent, free stuff is amazing!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I searched high and low using Google and Pinterest, to find everything from samples to freebies. Although there was plenty of information about free stuff in the US, and a few bits for the UK there was not anywhere (that I could find) for which a decent list was collated. So I've decided to do something to rectify that, and create my UK Ultimate List of Mummy Freebies!

N.B. Some of the items I have included are money-off - or special offers - not freebies, but they are still awesome.

  • Everybody has heard of Bounty, and it should be pretty easy to get hold of your freebies... Your first freebie is your pregnancy folder, which contains everything from local information placed in by your midwife to the standard pregnancy magazine. Also inside you will find a Pregnacare sample pack and a variety of money off and freebie vouchers. Furthermore there is a form to fill out, and if you take this completed form to your nearest Asda, Superdrug or Boots you get your second Bounty freebie which is your mum-to-be pack. This free pack contains a further selection of items including free samples and vouchers.When baby arrives you should have the Bounty rep visit you in hospital, with another free pack and the opportunity to have a gorgeous free photo taken.

  • Emma's Diary Club and Free Packs. These are awesome! If you join the club, you get £200 worth of Argos money off vouchers, a photo book voucher worth £15 and free membership to Philips Avent My baby & Me. You also get vouchers to claim your free gift packs which include all sorts of baby goodies and samples from well known brands such as Pampers & Johnson's.

  • Not sure what nappies are best for you? There is a few free samples that can help you decide. My husband and I decided to continue using cloth nappies as we did with our daughter. However these samples are great if you decide cloth is not for you and you want to use disposable nappies instead, and need help deciding which ones to use.

    • If you want something that offers a little extra from anti-allergic features to a specially formulated leak-guard, you could be looking for Greenty nappies. They offer free samples, all you have to do is provide you shipping details here.

    • Another eco-friendly brand that offers freebies are Beaming Baby. This can be claimed both if you're pregnant and if you are already a parent. You choose which sample size you would like. N.B. Although the sample is free, you will have to pay 99p for the postage to your home.

    • This is free, but not to keep! If you want to try being a cloth bum mum (or dad!) - like my husband and I are -there are cloth nappy libraries allowing you access to a variety of brands to touch, feel, and try out. They will also allow you to borrow or hire their nappies and see if this is something for you. More details can be found over at Go Real.

  • If you travel regularly on public transport, especially in and around the London area, it can be a bit of a nightmare when you are pregnant. TFL offer a free Baby on Board badge so claim yours by filling out your shipping details.

  • Take this survey and claim a free Bepanthen sample.

  • Cow & Gate Baby Club This club is a bit more of a basic baby club, with access to a 24hr Helpline and weekly tips and advice emails. However, the first time you sign up, you get sent an pretty cool (and of course, free) welcome pack. This includes a pregnancy diary and cute cuddly toy cow. I signed up for the first time during my current pregnancy and it didn't take long for them to turn up! N.B. You must sign-up before you reach 32 weeks to qualify for the free diary & toy.

  • SMA Club Signing up to the SMA club gives you access to all the information you could possibly desire from pregnancy to having a toddler up to the age of 3 years young. When you first sign up, and complete your registration, you get sent a free Little Book of Memories.

  • Baby clubs with many different well known companies offer you a number of different benefits. Signing up to My Mothercare gives you fabulous benefits including £100 worth of money off vouchers and 20% off maternity clothing. You also get money-off vouchers and special offers when you sign up for the Mother and Baby Club at Toys 'r' Us; the Hipp Baby Club; the Asda Baby and Toddler Club; and the TescoLovesBaby Baby Club.

  • Healthy Start Heathy Start is a government backed scheme providing FREE vouchers to spend on milk, fruit, vegetables and baby milk at your local supermarket. This is a fantastic scheme for young families! Some people -like my husband and me - may not qualify, but it is always worth checking.

  • Sure Start Grant Some parents are entitled to £500 through the Sure Start Maternity Grant. The grant must be claimed within 11 weeks of your baby's due date, or up to three months after giving birth. This grant is another example of people -like my husband and me - not qualifying, but it is always worth checking.


  • Once baby has arrived, you have to make the decision whether you want to immunise your new child. Asda offer a great leaflet of information on immunisations, which is completely free and available to pick up in their pharmacies.

  • During those early visits from the health visitor, you should be given your baby Bookstart pack. If you don't receive it, you can also pick them up from your local library.