Inspirational Blogs I Love | Blogtober 2018 | Me Becoming Mum

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite blogs; from the lovely lady who is the reason I started blogging to the lovely people who inspire me.

The amazing blogger behind me starting my own…

Gourmet Mum

The beautiful Fleeps from Gourmet Mum is actually a friend of mine in real life, and the reason behind me starting my own blog (read about it here.) She is an awesome food blogger, with recipes I love and use and the most fabulous photography of her foody goodness!

Fellow list lover...


I love Katy from  Katykicker for many reasons but my current top one is her #KickersList. I'm a great lover of lists, they focus my mind which really helps with my anxiety, the problem is I often make them unachievable which has the opposite effect. #KickersList is a smaller, more achievable to do list put up in the morning with goals for the day, using her Instagram to stay accountable to it. It's massively helped me to do the same (plus she's all around awesome!)


Photo inspiration…

Dilan and Me

Lauren from Dilan and Me takes the most amazing photos (seriously just look at her Instagram feed!) I’m pretty sure she is spurred on by the fact her other half is a professional photographer but still, photo goals!

Social media QUEEN…

Toby and Roo

Harriet from Toby and Roo is amazing, and she is such an inspiration to me when it comes to social media. She shares real life, in amazing photos and Instagram stories and is definitely social media goals for me. Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram too!

Sharing life after loss…

Five Little Doves and One Missing Mum

It’s no secret that I myself have suffered baby loss, and there are so many amazing bloggers sharing their stories and journeys through a blog. The ones who stick out for me though are Laura from Five Little Doves and another Laura who runs the blog One Missing Mum. They share so much more than just stories of loss, and make every moment count with their rainbows. They truly are inspirational to me.

Manc mama and soul sister...

Mother Freckle

I have met Sammi-Jo from Mother Freckle and she is absolutely awesome. She's a genuine, lovely mama to two gorgeous girls who literally is the Manchester version of me! I love that she's still humble and "normal" (whatever that is) despite her social media growing a lot since I first got to know her and being a top, award winning blogger now!


So there you have it. Seven amazing bloggers and their blogs who inspire me to be a better blogger!

If you have any favourite blogs (besides mine, of course!) feel free to share them in the comments below, I would love to check them out!

Tomorrow is the final day of Blogtober 2018 and then it will be full throttle to Christmas, so be sure to stick around.


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