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I wasn't sure what to write for this post, it was supposed to be about kick ass girls you admire. However when I was talking to my husband, he asked why I don't just focus on female heros in my life. So that's what I'm going to do.

I have so many amazing women in my family. That do so many awesome things, and give me so many reasons to look up to them. Here are a few reasons why they inspire me.

My grandma

I have always been close to my grandma. She is my dad's mum and we have such a special bond. More than this though she has an inspirational Christian faith, raised four amazing sons and has been married to my grandad for over fifty years... definitely something to aspire to.


My nan

My mum's mum is also a great inspiration to me. Not only has she dealt with health issues in the past but she has also helped to look after my grandad through his own battles. Plus she is still working with those who need a little extra support, including adults with additional needs.


My mum

My mum has had to deal with many things over the years, including an accident that has caused a long battle with pain in her back. She has never let it stop her though, working hard to make sure everyone around her is happy, healthy, and supported. She works in a secondary school with SEN children, and does so many things alongside that position too! 


My aunt (mum's twin!)

My mum is a twin, which I have always thought is pretty awesome. The best thing for me though is that just like my mum going above and beyond, so does my aunt. She works hard to help others whilst being a foster mum and being an all around pretty amazing woman. 


I could choose so many people to include in this post, but it would be a very long post by the end of it! Instead I hope you will agree these four wonderful ladies are a perfect snapshot into the inspirational women I have been fortunate enough to grow up knowing.


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