What You'll Find in My Handbag | Blogtober 2016 | Me Becoming Mum

My handbag would make Mary Poppins proud! Here is a rough idea of what you would find inside my handbag on an average day...

Because I Need It

  • My purse. This in itself is a treasure trove of items from debit cards to my maternity exemption card to my driving license.

Because It's Useful

  • A power bank and charging cable. I have an iPhone and I'm regularly using it to check social media for my blog, business and personal means. It runs out of battery at the most awkward times. Having a power bank handy means I can still use it. As long as I remember to charge the power bank in between uses.

  • A pad and pen. Not sure why, just in case I guess.

  • A pocket diary. Seems kind of silly now I think about it as I hardly ever use it due to putting everything in the calendar app on my phone.

  • A pocket manicure set. Because you never know when you might need a pair of scissors or tweezers!

Because I'm a Woman

  • Sanitary towels. I don't need them at the moment, but I just have never taken them out. They were in there because you know that your time of the month will inevitably turn up while you're away from home. They're always tucked away in the back pocket.

  • A spare hair tie. Just in case I forget to put one in my hair before I leave, or the one I'm wearing breaks.

Because I'm A Mom

  • A spare dummy. Because I know that my child will lose the one that she has when we leave the house and the world will end.

  • Hand sanitizer. Because I never know what kind of mess my child will manage to get into.

  • A pack of tissues. Snotty noses and chocolate covered mouths need cleaning somehow.

Just... Because

  • Headphones. Not that I ever get to use them anymore. Having children means you have to actually pay attention when you leave the house.


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