Being a Tattooed Mummy

I have a fair few of both piercings and tattoos, though not as many as some people! I love my tattoos, and the meanings behind them, and I think I am guilty of being slightly addicted to both piercings and tattoos before I had children. Now I just don't have the funds to keep having more! Haha.


I have 10 piercings in total. There is four in each of my ear lobes, and two in the cartilage of my right upper ear.


The first tattoo I ever had, is the phoenix on my left upper arm. After a series of events in my life that could have gotten me down, I got back up and carried on. The phoenix is there as a daily reminder of what I have overcome. In the same way a phoenix rises from the ashes, so do I from each hurdle I come across. It is not the best of depictions - and at some point I may have some work done to make it look better - but it will do for now!

On my left upper arm I have a tiger with bamboo shoots. Tigers are believed to be a symbol of courage, and in Chinese culture bamboo is a symbol of strength. Both are things that I have needed, and will probably continue to need in my life. As a Christian, I believe that God is the one who provides these, but I have this tattoo to remind me of where I have been, and that I can successfully weather any storms.

On my left forearm, I have two tattoos. the first, closest to my wrist, is a butterfly (just because) and the intertwined letters TLA. This design as the first way in which my now-husband told me he had fallen me. He wrote it in a card, with the meaning underneath, 'True Love Always'.

The second, is the silhouette of a baby chasing butterflies, and one of my favourite quotes in Latin. 'Carpe Diem' means, 'sieze the day', and I had this tattoo as a reminder of my first angel baby, who we lost in 2009. I believe my angels are having tonnes of fun in heaven. I know that I need to try move on, and live every day to the fullest.

On my right forearm is the last of my 'meaningful' tattoos. I have a heart design with the letter J (for my husband John) and N (for me) entwined, another of my favourite quote, 'True Love Stories Have No Ending', two entwined wedding rings and the date I married him.

My current final (and most painful) tattoo, was one I got simply because I love Disney, and love Alice in Wonderland. I drew it up myself, and the tattoo artists used my outline before added the colours and shading to it.

So that's my tattoos and piercings! Happy day 16 of #Blogtober16.