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Obviously everyone knows that your baby is going to need nappies and clothes. It's also a given that you will need somewhere for them to sleep, as well as a car seat and a pushchair. However there are so many additional extras when you are shopping for your little one, that it is hard to know what is essential and what you can live without. So I have written my list of must haves for when your newborn arrives.

Car Seat

Most hospitals will not let you go home until they have seen your car seat and are sure that you are able to safely place your new baby inside it. This means it is the number one must have on a list of things to get for your newborn baby. We invested a little extra money this time around and purchased a Doona and the isofix attachment for my car.

This meant we have a pushchair and car seat all built into one which is fantastically convenient, especially for a parent like me who often has to cope with the baby and toddler on their own. Although it is a fab contraption, be aware that you should not leave a baby in a car seat for more than two hours (which at the rate Little L feeds, has never been a problem for us!)

Milestone Cards

There are a number of these on the market these days, from pregnancy to baby to 'alternative'  and I would highly recommend Milestone whose baby cards I recieved as a gift. There are a variety available too!

Gro Anywhere Blind * 

You may have seen my review of the awesome Gro Anywhere Blind here, and if so, you will know that we love it and our girls have one each! They are worth the investment at the beginning, especially to help you get some sleep in between the inevitable night feeds!


When we had Squidgy we used a Moses basket, and I can honestly say that she spent more time sleeping on my chest or in my bed than she did inside her own. This was not intentional, but on nights when I was up for the hundredth time feeding her I would sometimes fall asleep while patting her back to bring up wind, or even whilst feeding her. I knew that it was not a safe option, so John and I made the decision to bed share from the start with Little L, but safely. 

I was surprised at how many options there was available when it came to making a choice of which bed sharing crib we were going to purchase. I tried out the Chicco Next2Me but I found it too bulky and cumbersome, so we settled for the SnuzPod2 † which can be used as a bedside crib or independently by simply unzipping the side.
Me Becoming Mum's Newborn Must Haves SnuzPod 2


There is something to be said about not knowing what your were missing until you have it. This is certainly the case for us when it comes to the Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod (which you can buy here) †. It has worked wonders for helping Little L to sleep better at night. Don't get me wrong, we have a non-sleeper on our hands, and unlike her elder sister Little L has a habit of waking through the night for feeds and snuggles.

On the few occasions when we had to lay her to sleep on the mattress in her cot, however, she slept even worse than normal. The other great thing about the Sleepyhead comes in two sizes so we will hopefully be able to move her straight into the next size as she outgrows the Deluxe.

Me Becoming Mum's Newborn Must Haves Sleepyhead Deluxe

Baby Monitor

We had a fancy baby monitor for Squidgy. My brother bought it as a gift. The only problem is, it kept breaking. In the end we gave up and began to lseep with all the doors open so that we could hear any noise and / or movements. This time we decided that we would go for a budget option. That way if it went wrong and needed replacing it wasn't going to break the bank. We chose the VTech Baby monitor (BM1000) † and have been super please with it.

As with most designs these days, you can take the listening in part on your travels, and its battery has lasted longer than our expensive one ever did. Other perks include quick charge when the battery is drained (plus it still works when plugged in!), a clip to be able to attach it to your trousers when moving around (or pyjamas as is mostly the case in my house!) and no nasty crackling sounds when it picks up movement or noise in Little L's room, which is more than could be said for our old one. Not bad for a budget option!

White Noise

You can do something as simple as downloading a white noise app for this one, it's free and there are plenty available. However if like me, you turn your phone off at night, this isn't really an option. Instead you can invest in a product like our Whisbear which I reviewed a couple of months ago here on my blog. It does the job perfectly, plus has the added bonus of a cry sensor, so you don't have to worry about switching it on and off all night.

Soft Toy and/or Comforter

Even better, something handmade. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, well OK, yes I am... I make the cutest handmade, CE tested, soft toy, crochet giraffes that are perfect for babies. They are my best selling product at Mama Naii's Crochet. Both of my girls have one and I have so many customers who will tell you how awesome they are too! Having something to love and cherish, that they can have with them as they grow up is super important.

Night Light

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, in those first few weeks (and possibly longer) your baby will be waking in the night demanding to be fed. When this happens you don't want them to think that it is day time, and let's be honest you don't really want to fully wake up either.

Having a night light is the perfect way to be able to see what you are doing as well as comforting your baby. We have loved using our MKQPOWER Moon & Star night light † which has a variety of colour options, and can also be switched on to rotate. It's also great for those of us on a tight budget, as it's a cheaper option than some out there!

Gro Egg

We absolutely love our Gro Company Gro-Egg †. We have used it both in our room when Little L was in with us, and now in her own room since moving her into her cotbed. It works as both a thermometer and a night light, plus if you can't be bothered to read the exact temperature, the colour will give you an indication of if the room is ok or not. (Hint: if it is bright red, the room is too hot, if it is bright blue, the room is too cold!)


Whether you choose to go down the cloth route like we have, or stick with disposables, nappies are something that you will need in large quantities when you have a new baby in the house! As a general rule when it comes to nappies, your baby will probably do upwards of six wet nappies and three poop nappies in those early days, and on average you will be changing your newborn around ten to twelve times daily for the first month or so.

Make sure you have plenty of nappies to cover this, whichever type you decide to go for! Buying disposables in bulk will save you money, and when it comes to cloth you don't want to be doing a wash twice a day to keep up with it, you will have enough to worry about!

Baby Bath

You may have read my  Keeping Routines the Same with Two Children post and seen our Summer Infant Waterfall Baby Bather * which was perfect for us. When your baby first arrives in the world they are so tiny and unable to support themselves, or even hold their head up. It is so important to be able to bath them safely and having a purpose designed product to do so is a must.

Nursing Chair / Glider

This is not something that I was lucky enough to have, but it is something that if you can afford it and have the space for it (which we didn't, hence I wasn't able to invest in one!) that I would highly recommend. I have used them in the past in various places and I love how comfortable they are and how much easier it made for me to breastfeed in them. You can find a comparison table of the best nursery gliders to choose from at

Nursing Pillow

In lieu of a nursery glider I had to settle for a nusring pillow. I have used a few different types of maternity and nursing pillows during my two pregnanacies and nursing both my girls, but none have been as fantastic as Theraline's Plushy Moon nursing pillow*. It is comfortable for both baby and mama, and I have to admit that I have fallen asleep on it a few times myself! Don't forget that you can read my full review of the Plushy Moon here.

A Breast Pump

If, like me, you decide to breastfeed, sometimes it is a good idea to pump too. I pumped with both my girls and found that it gave me the opportunity to rest and also go out as I knew that other people had the means to feed my baby during that time. Pumping has also been a life line for some mums whose babies were either too ill to breastfeed directly or couldn't latch properly (you may have seen the #ParentingYOURWay post I shared from my friend Julie about exclusively expressing). When it comes to pumps there are so many to choose from so it may be worth checking out some breast pump reviews as well as asking for personal stories from other mums who have expressed in the past. Personally, I have used both a manual and electric pump and found the electric one so much easier to use!


Giant Muslins

Investing in a slection of giant muslins such as the Tiny Chipmunk Muslin Swaddle blankets † that we have will prove to be invaluable. From using them to swaddle your wee one, to tying it into the perfect nusring cover, there are so many ways to use these awesome products. You can read a few more ideas on how to use them in my Swaddling in Style with Tiny Chipmunk post.

Swaddle / Sleeping Bag *

We have tried out a few different products over the years but by far our favourite is our ergoPouch ergoCocoon. They come in all different sizes and TOGs which mean that there is one out there for every baby whatever time of year they are born. Whether you choose to use it as a swaddle or sleeping bag, it works for whatever you need. Check out my review here for all the information you need about this awesome product.

Changing Bag

Whether you fancy going for something stylish or prefer something more functional, there is a changing bag fit for every purpose. There are so many different bags available, and although we loved our Babymoov changing bag † I have to say my new go to bag is our Babymule*.
Not only is the awesome Babymule* a rucksack, but you can change it to a messenger bag and hook it over the pushcahir straps. It also comes with everything you could possibly need inside from a small coin purse to a travel changing mat, and a bottle bag to a wet clothes pouch.

You can read my full review of this awesome bag (and how it served us well on holiday) here.

Baby Carrier / Sling

I have a couple of different ones that I use but my favourite has to be my Baby Björn Original †. It is comfortable for me and Little L, and takes all the strain of carrying her around off my back. A major reason this is must have for when you have a baby, is how easy it makes times when you are on your own with the baby, without having to faff about with pushchairs and bulky equipment. It's also an essential product when it comes to having more than one child, rather than using massive double pushchairs. 

Baby Care Kit

From the moment your baby is born they will not stop growing and changing, and the thing that will grow the quickest will be your baby's nails. Cutting your baby's nails is not the only part of them you will constantly be caring for, however. you will need to brush their hair, and from time to time you will need to check their temperature too. We have a Tommee Tippee healthcare kit † which covers all your bases and ensures that you have everything you need in one place.

Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products were sent to me for the purpose of testing them out for review, and I loved them enough to include them here. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. Any affiliate links are indicated by the use of a cross () beside them.

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