Making Memories at Our Newborn Photoshoot

There is nothing more amazing than those early days as a new parent, and those first memories you make. We had a newborn photoshoot with our first born, and decided to do the same this time - something I will never regret as the images are stunning!


The photoshoot we had for R was done by my brother from Joshua Earle Photography, and I love the images we have from it.  They are beautiful, and an amazing way to capture memories from those early days with our first born child. I loved them so much that for John's first Father's Day I ordered a set of canvases with the images on, which are proudly displayed on the wall in our lounge.

This time, as with the maternity photoshoot (which I wrote about in a previous post on my blog here), we used a local photographer, Lesley from Aleeka's Dreams. As her entire photography career is based around babies and children she has a fantastic set up including props and backgrounds which makes it so much fun to attend a photoshoot with her. 

There are such a wonderful variety of photos, from photos of those tiny hands and feet to family shots of us all together. We were so lucky that Lesley was able to capture so many fantastic images - and we have over 30 from the day.

I won't over do it and bore you with all of them,  (can you really over do #babyspam?!) but here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.