N is for... Nutritional Choices in my Home

When it was just the two of us, and we were both working full time - John and my diet consisted mainly of quick and easy frozen meals or takeaways. Now that we have a family, we try to make sure that we eat fresh and allow R to be exposed to as many different types of food as possible.

Although - just like me - R is partial to a bit of chocolate, her favourite foods include toast (lathered in butter!), pasta, cauliflower, and broccoli. I think I may be to blame for the broccoli... I absolutely love it, and ate my way through tonnes of the stuff while I was pregnant with her.

I still love it, and time will tell if Little L will be the same, and love it just as me and my girl do!

Encouraging R to maintain a varied and healthy diet is important to John and me, and of course we try to lead by example.

The three main ways that we maintain our healthy diet are:

  1. Weekly trips to the butchers and greengrocer
    Not only is this a lot cheaper than buying at the supermarket, it means we have locally farmed produce, at it's freshest. Having food without 'best before' dates on also means that we use our sensibilities and waste next to none of the food we buy.
  2. Meal planning
    When we know what we are planning to eat for the next few days, it means we can buy just what we need for those meals. Not only does this reduce waste, it also means that we spend less too.
  3. Reducing our snacking, and changing our snacks to healthier options
    For us, chocolate and crisps have always been the go to for snacks - in lunchboxes with our sandwiches; or at home when we are peckish. Occasionally this is still the case, however we very rarely eat crisps anymore, and have swapped out the chocolate for healthier options. We have bread sticks or items such as Go Ahead! bars instead.

Just because we try and eat fresh, healthy food as much as possible, doesn't mean that we aren't partial to the odd treat! I absolutely love a bar (or two) of Galaxy (or most any chocolate!) I have a massive sweet tooth, so I can't help myself when it comes to having a few treats every now and then.


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