O is for... [An] Ode to Fellow Parents

An ode is a poem, usually dedicated to someone. So for today's #AlphaBlogBites post I have written a little poem of my own based on the letters in the word, 'Parenthood'. I hope that it will make you smile, and maybe even laugh!

An Ode to Fellow Parents

'P' is for poop, and the mess that it brings,

When poo-splosions escape from those nappy things.

'A' is for accidents, to which they are prone,

These little ones we're raising, the second they're alone.

'R' is for repetition, as all that you hear,

Is your name being repeated, like it's the word of the year.

'E' is for endless, because that's how it seems,

When the long days and nights are not what you dreamed.

'N' is for nameless, which is something you become,

No one knows your name, you're simply "so-and-so's mum".

'T' is for tantrums, and the high pitched screeching tones,

That happen at the worst moments, out in public not at home.

'H' is for home time, which they begged for all day,

But the second you're leaving, they decide they'd rather stay.

'O' is for options, of which you have few,

When it comes to parenting, it's all down to you.

'O' is also for opinions , too often shared,

By well-wishing others, when they shouldn't have dared.

'D' is for drastic , some measures we take,

To get a moments peace, when our sanity is at stake. 

So there is my ode to all ye who suffer,

From the same trials I do, while being a mother.

It may not be easy - oh boy, ain't that true?

Still I wouldn't change it, and I'd bet, neither would you!


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