P is for... Pets We Have Had

Today I have written about the pets in my life, from the dogs that my parents have had to the cats that are my fur babies at home.



Pebbles is the mummy cat in our household. We got her after we adopted her kitten, due to her needing a home when her previous owners moved house. We are unsure of her exact age as she was a rescue cat that the previous owners adopted, but our vet thinks she is about three years old.

She is not in any way a lap cat, but is super affectionate. She is quite happy to let our boisterous toddler stroke her and run around like a mad thing near her. She doesn't mind being picked up for cuddles either!



Jess is Pebbles kitten, from her first and only litter. She was born a few days before R's first birthday and we got her a couple of months later. She has been such a massive part of our lives, I do not know what our lives were like before she joined us. She is a typical kitten, who loves to play and run around. She is the complete opposite of her mum though, and given half a chance would spend her whole life curled up on someone's lap.

It's a Family Affair

John was adamant that we would not have a cat. Then that we could have one, but it had to be a boy cat. Now we have two and they are both females!

At first, when we got Pebbles, the two cats would fight all the time. It was almost as if she didn't remember that Jess was her own kitten. Although we keep their food bowls separate still, they are much better now, and don't rip each others throats out every time they see each other! They occasionally will even spend time grooming each other!

Meeting R

The first time each cat met R, were two completely different experiences.

Jess had never been around anything other than her own mum and siblings in a house with two adults and a teenager. Meeting our excitable 18 month old daughter was a bit of a shock to the system and it took her months to get used to being around R. Most of the time she would hide away in the room at the other end of the house until R had gone to bed.

Pebbles, on the other hand, was absolutely fine. She even let R stroke her and cuddle her. If she decided enough was enough she simply jumped up out of reach!

Spending Time Together

As time has gone by, each of our cats has gotten used to R. Being around her, close to her and spending time with her doesn't bother either of them anymore. In fact sometimes they actively seek her out for attention - usually when they have been begging for attention from John or me and we've ignored them! R is always happy to oblige, and loves cuddles, snuggles and chatting with her fur siblings.

It will be interesting to see how they react when there is a screaming newborn in the house though!



Charlie was my parent's beautiful cocker spaniel. I remember the excitement we felt the day she was brought home to us, after my parents agreed to adopt her.

She was loveable and crazy, and taught my dad that dogs are not as easy to train as you think they might be! For example, due to her incessant whining she went from being put into a dog cage for bedtime; to being allowed free roam downstairs; to sleeping on the landing outside our room; and finally to being allowed onto the furniture.

Unfortunately she passed away a couple of years ago, and left a massive gap in our lives. She is sorely missed, but my parents have now got a new dog.



Willow is almost the same age as R. She is a pedigree German Shorthaired Pointer, who is an absolute nutter. My dad bought her from a breeder and so has had her right from the early days. This has meant the training he has been instilling in her has been a lot more successful than it was with Charlie.

She is beautiful, and R absolutely loves seeing her - as long as she remains on the other side of the play pen fence. Her favourite thing t do is give her little dried fish or chunks of liver that are a special treat, and I think both R and Willow enjoy our visits because of this!

So that's our pets. Do you have any?


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