#Project365 Week 2 | Me Becoming Mum

"It's all the little moments that make life a very big adventure!"

Welcome to week two of #Project365... This week has seen Christmas decorations come down, Squidgy return to preschool and John's birthday come and go. Just twelve days in but so far so good!


January 7th 2018: A little later than normal we finally took down Christmas... we were away on the 6th which is the usual date but never mind!

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January 8th 2018: Squidgy's first day back at preschool after the Christmas holidays went down really Well. She was so happy and so excited!

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January 9th 2018: On Tuesday after Squidgu finished preschool we went shopping for Little L's first pair of proper shoes... she was so proud of them she just wanted to walk everywhere!

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January 10th 2018: Wednesday was and important one for me, it was the day I shared my thoughts on not judging mums for their decisions... whether that's being a stay at home mum or going back to work. I would love if you could head over to my Instagram, have a read and let me know what you think in the comments!

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January 11th 2018: John's birthday is January 11th which meant that it was obviously going to be a Happy Birthday post for the day! This photo was taken at the restaurant I took him to for one of his surprise birthday treats!

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January 12th 2018: Little L is really growing up and gaining more personality everyday! She never ceases to make me smile, and Friday was no different!

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January 13th 2018: Today's photo is of Little L and the elder of our two cats. They are funnily enough best friends, and this brave baby is one of the only people who can grab Pebbles without being attacked by her.

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That's it for another week! Did you catch my #Project365 week one post? Check it out now!

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