R is for... Revelations

Trying to figure out what I was going to reveal for today's #AlphaBlogBites entry was especially hard, as I have done a couple of pretty revealing posts in the past. 

I've decided to talk about revealing, instead of actually revealing anything! So here's a few of my thoughts on revelations...

Revelations can be hard.

Big reveals of things such as illnesses, or losses can be hard both on the person bringing them to the fore, and the person hearing the revelation.

The heartbreaking sharing of the loss of a loved one or revealing you've suffered a miscarriage for example, can take a massive toll on you.

Revelations can bring healing. 

I have found that revealing some of the hardest secrets to share - such as the fears I wrote about in my "Overcoming my Secret Fear" post for #Blogtober16; or writing about the two babies I lost in my, "Miscarriage - The Great Taboo?" post; have really helped me to move on.

It's not just blogging about them that has helped, however. Sharing these personal things with people around you can bring a start to the healing process that needs to happen following difficult times.

Revelations can bring people together.

Hearing the stories of others who have gone through similar situations to you, give you a certain rapport with them.

Knowing that you are not alone in your trials, fears and situations makes things easier to cope with and also move on from.

Revelations can be fun. 

We took such great pleasure in revealing that we were expecting our children, and again in revealing the gender of Little L. 

It can be so much fun figuring out how you're going to do the reveal, who's going to help and other key factors.

Being able to share the miracle of a rainbow baby with other people brings such joy!

I know I can easily say that all of the above points - and a few more besides - apply to me and my life thus far.

Hopefully in the future there will continue to be more happy revelations for me to share than sad ones!