How I'm #rockingmotherhood

Since I became a mama for a second time, I have had a fair few moments when I felt like I am drowning. Being a parent is not easy, and sometimes it is good to have a reminder that we are doing a good job raising our mini humans. Thus, I am so grateful to Katie from Living Life Our Way for tagging me in this #rockingmotherhood bloggers tag.


Here are the ten ways that I feel I am #rockingmotherhood...

1. I get breakfast, lunch and dinner for my toddler every day (other than when she is in nursery), whilst breastfeeding my newborn on demand.

2. I have managed to have a shower (or a bath) every day since Little L was born, five weeks ago. Even when solo parenting. That's a win in my book!

3. It may be breastfeeding friendly clothing - and often isn't until after midday - but I get myself dressed every day, and don't just lounge around in my PJs (although some days this would be preferable!)

4. I managed to bake my husband a birthday cake. Both an incredible feat in itself but also #rockingmotherhood because I did so with my toddler, giving her one-on-one mama time whilst the baby slept.

5. I manage to provide sustenance for my baby through breastfeeding, as well as expressing at least 4oz a day for daddy to feed and / or for emergencies. 

6. Although I am closed for maternity leave, I run my own business - Mama Naii's Crochet - from home so that I can be there, raising my children.

7.  I ensure I have one-on-one time with my toddler every night at bed time - keeping the exact same routine we have always had regardless of the face we now have a baby in the house too!

8.  I succeed at still being a housewife even with two little ones. It may mean I only do one chore a day (a load of washing, the hoovering etc.) but it still gets done!

9.  We don't just stay in the house all the time... I actually manage to take my girls out, especially when I am using my Tula wrap to baby wear Little L!

10.  Finally - and most importantly - my girls are both alive and well (albeit we all have colds at the moment but that is by the by!)

So there you go... I think I will keep this post bookmarked so that when I have a bad day I will be able to come back and read it, to remind myself that I am truly rocking this mama thing!


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