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Writing this post was easy for me… Although I have two beautiful cats at home, which are not so unusual, I have a love for more unusual pets. I am in the process of trying to convince John to let me add a snake to our family, mainly thanks to my cousin who has over the years built up a collection of amazing exotic animals.

Subsequently Em set up her own business to breed and sell her pets. If you want to check her out you can find her on Instagram as Stocks Exotics. For now here are a few of my favourite pets from her collection.

Ukulele Bob the Bearded Dragon

Bob joined my cousin’s family after my Uncle’s previous bearded dragon passed away, and is super cute.

Mo the Bosc Monitor Lizard

This clever beast has now had to have extra locks put on his home as he keeps escaping to head out and explore, especially enjoying a visit to the windowsill to sunbathe!

Elsie the African Pygmy Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are not uncommon, especially in the wild. When it comes to unusual pets they are certainly up there… although it’s hard not to find Elsie super cute.

The snakes

There are a number of snakes in Em’s collection now, and she has had a successful breeding season with two clutches that hatched!


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