A Superpower I'd Love To Have | Blogtober 2016 | Me Becoming Mum

Today's post could be done in a number of ways... I have decided to do a little light hearted post, as I think #Blogtober16 is supposed to be fun! 

If I could choose a single superpower to have, I would love to be able to move at lightening speed, just like The Flash! 

Can you imagine what an amazing power this would be as a parent? 

The ability to wash the dishes in the blink of an eye. 

The option to dash to the shops for that thing you forgot when doing your weekly grocery shop. 

Being able to skip the long journeys that it takes for us to travel to visit our families. 

I cannot express how much I would enjoy this superpower! 

What would you choose as your number one superpower?


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