S is for... Surprising Test Result

The biggest surprise I think we have had in the time that John and I have been together, was the day that I found out we were expecting Little L, our second rainbow baby.

After we lost our third baby to miscarriage in December 2015, we went through a number of tests (many very similar to the ones that we had gone through for years before being able to conceive R).

Our final appointment with the fertility specialist broke my heart. We were told that I would not be able to conceive naturally. We were told that we could not have any fertility treatment to help us conceive as my BMI was too high. We were told to go home; and contact her when I had lost a minimum of 10% of my weight.

Two weeks later (and a week after my period was due) I proved all the doctors and specialists wrong. I discovered we were pregnant.

When we went to our first scan - ten days before we celebrated our fifth anniversary - we saw that little seven week, three day old peanut shaped baby with a heartbeat.

From that point on, we were counting down to the next milestone. To our twelve week dating scan. To our twenty week anomaly scan. To our 4D scan. To our maternity bump photoshoot. To our estimate due date.

I can honestly say that the surprise of finding out that we were expecting another baby, was a massive shock. However it was a surprise that was most definitely welcome, and I cannot wait to welcome our newest addition to our home.


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