My Three Confessions

Confession time apparently, thanks Mandi! I have no idea what I am about to write, so bear with me if it makes no sense and is total drivel! 

Confession One:  I really wanted Little L to be a boy.

I'm sure I'm not the first - and won't be the last - parent who was hoping for a certain gender when they discovered they were pregnant. 

After all the troubles we have had in getting pregnant - and the two babies that we lost - I'm not sure whether we will have any more children in the future. 

I'm certainly not ruling it out, as I would love a big family, but I don't want to have to face the heartache of the past all over again. 

With this in mind, I really wanted to have a boy this time, so that we had one of each. I love R to pieces, and she completes me in so many ways. However she is a complete 'daddy's girl' and I would have loved a 'mummy's boy' to add to the mix! 

Confession Two:  When John's not around sometimes I use his stuff (without him knowing).

This one is a little more lighthearted than my first confession! 

On occasion I have used his shampoo, body wash and even his razer when I have forgotten to move my own from our family bathroom to the en suite.

I've also been known to let R use his toothbrush when she's kicking up a fuss at not being able to immediately do her teeth and I've already started brushing mine. 

Guess the cat's out of the bag now, ey? 

Confession Three:  Sometimes I forget to eat.

This is not a great thing for me to admit, especially as I'm now 32 weeks pregnant. 

I can be remarkably useless when it comes to sorting myself food, unless someone reminds me. 

I'm usually so busy looking after R; getting stuff done around the house; trying to rest on my bad days; finishing off final Mama Naii's orders; or writing posts for my blog; that I will forget to get myself food.

It's silly really, as I always make sure I get three meals a day done for R. I guess I should eat with her!

So there we are, three confessions from me!