Top 10 Songs of All Time | Blogtober 2016 | Me Becoming Mum

I have a very eclectic mix of music that I love, from classical to pop. So my top ten list may seem a little confused to some, but hey, that's me!

All I Ask of You (from Phantom of the Opera)

Not only am I a massive Phantom of the opera fan, but this song has a special place in my heart. 

This is the song John and I chose to have played during or first dance at our wedding reception.

We had the Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman version played, and it is simply beautiful. 

Baby Mine (from Dumbo) 

When R was a tiny baby - and became inconsolable, as newborns sometimes do - I would sing this to her, and she would calm down. 

She still loves it. On occasion, I still sing it to her. She will climb into my arms and say, "Mummy, cuddle like a baby. Now you sing!" 

Rule the World (Take That) 

I have always been a bit of a Take That fan, and I love this song. 

However for me, this song took on a whole different meaning when Gary Barlow sung it alongside his bandmates at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 olympics. 

His little girl had just been born sleeping, and he sung as if he was singing to her. 

I cried... lots. 

All of Me (John Legend) 

I'm a soppy, romantic sort... so songs like this are bound to make it into my top 10! 

Let It Go (from Frozen)

I would be in so much trouble if this wasn't in my top ten... it's my girl's favourite.  

R insists I sing this or play this song at least once a day. It's a good job I love it too! 

Here and Now (Luther Vandross) 

On our first anniversary of being together, John burnt me a CD with some songs he said summed up our relationship. 

Apparently it's not just me who's a romantic idiot! Haha! 

This beautiful song was included in the compilation, and has been close to my heart ever since. 

Everything (Michael Bublé) 

Maybe there is a theme to my top ten after all, yet another love song has made it's way in! 

I love a good sing-a-long to Michael Bublé; and was even lucky enough to see him live at the O2 arena in London! 

Mary Did You Know? (Pentatonix) 

I am in love with this accapella group, they do loads of different covers but some of my favourites are their Christmas songs. 

I absolutely fell in love with their rendition of Mary Did You Know? last year. I love Christmas and love Christmas songs so of course it had to be in my top ten. 

Make You Feel My Love (Adele)

I adore Adele's voice and her songs are always so catchy and easy to sing-a-long to.

Trying to pick my favourite didn't go very well as there are a number that I love. I settled for this. 

Smile (Josh Groban) 

This song is simply beautiful.

It is a Charlie Chaplin song, however I love Josh Groban's gorgeous voice and his version of Smile is amazing. 

So there is some of my favourite songs... what would make it on to your top ten list. 


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