Two Years On | Blogtober 2018 | Me Becoming Mum

For the first post in Blogtober 2018, the prompt is to write either “all about me” or alternatively, “one year on” if you joined in during Blogtober 2017. I didn’t join in last year, however I did during the 2016 season, so I decided to write about “two years on”… which is close enough in my mind.


Two years ago, I told you the basics… My name is Naomi and I was born on January 29th 1991. I’m blonde with brown eyes and when it comes to my height I am spot on the women’s average at 5 foot 4 inches. I married my husband in 2011. I am the eldest of three, with two younger brothers. I also shared about my favourite foods, movies, books and more. If you want to read my Who Am I? post from 2016, you can find it here.

Two years on, a lot has changed… but here are a few highlights of my life since October 2016.

We had a new addition to our little family unit: Pickle.

We went on an amazing Baltic cruise aboard the Cunard Queen Elizabeth.

My youngest brother got married in September 2017.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with severe PND, anxiety and depression… but I am fighting it and making it step by step each day.

Pickle turned one in December 2017.

Squidgy turned four in February 2018.

We moved to Watford in June 2018 to be closer to a support network for me.

Squidgy started “big school” in September 2018.

My other brother got married in September 2018.


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