U is for... Us (My Husband and Me)

For today's #AlphaBlogBites post, I thought I would give you a little insight into the my love life... and I promise to keep away from getting too soppy!

About My Husband


I could be really cheeky and point you to my 'About Me' page which has a little blurb on John in it, but that would defeat the idea of writing this! 

My tall, dark and handsome hubby was born in January 1981, 10 years and 18 days before I arrived in the world. He is an amazing guy, an even better friend, the best husband and the most awesome dad. 

At 6ft 3in, it's no wonder our daughter is so tall... she definitely got that gene from him and not me (as I'm 5ft 4in!).

He is a massive Everton supporter, and has even managed to convince our daughter she is as well! He also loves cricket (and has got me enjoying it too; especially T20...) and rugby.

His favourite animals are tigers; and almost by default his favourite character is therefore - yep, you guessed it! - Tigger.

About Us

When and where did we meet?  

When he started working as an Assistant Store manager in the branch of Primark I was working for at the time in the summer of 2008. 

When did we start dating? 

Mr romantic called me in the evening on December 14th that same year, to ask if I would like to date him.  

When did he propose?

During our first holiday abroad to Tenerife in the autumn of 2009.

How did he propose? 

He got down on one knee of course!

Before that though he pretended to pop off to the loo for a wee and ordered two glasses of champagne and asked the waiter to bring them over when I had said, "Yes!"

He must have been pretty sure of the answer to do that, I guess!

When and where did we get married? 

In May 2011 we finally tied the knot, in the beautiful Surrey town of Egham. 

So there you go, there is a little about my hubby and about our little love story.

Do you have a favourite part of your love history that you'd like to share?


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