V is for... Victories in my Parenting Journey

This parenting thing is not easy - and anyone who tells you it is, lies! Sometimes we have to focus on the little things that we can take as victories. Here are my top parenting victories from the last couple of years.

Our daughter sleeping through the night at six weeks young.
Managing to relocate two hours from our first family home to a bigger, better one due to a great job offer for my husband with a four month old.
The first time we managed to have dinner as a family when our girl ate food from her own plate rather than ours (which she did from the day we started baby led weaning).
My husband and I getting our space back when our daughter moved into her own room at three months of age.
The first time I had a bath, shower and wee in peace, without an audience. 
The fact that our girl's first word was, 'mama'. 
Managing to get our cheeky and very active monkey to sit still long enough to have her first hair cut (and a few more since then too!)
Bribing our girl to sit still for her first shoe fitting in Clarks using an Ella's Kitchen fruit pouch.
R and our two cats being friends and not attacking each other or chasing each other around the house.
Teaching R that helping do chores around the house is a good thing.
At two years and seven months of age, our daughter deciding she was going to use the 'big toilet' and wear knickers not nappies. 

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