W is for... [My] Weekend Routine

At 36 weeks pregnant, and having been on maternity leave for such a long while now, there is not really a difference between weekdays and weekends for me. The reality is, time has just become one long moment called, 'life'.


Saturdays tend to always be just R and me. John very rarely gets them off, as he is a manager in retail - and anyone with any retail experience knows how important Saturdays are in that trade. It's the first full day that we spend together at the end of the week, as R is in nursery for a couple of half days at the end of the week.

We used to make the most of the time together and make trips out, for example to Costa. At the moment I'm not up doing so, but can't wait to get back to have dates with my daughter!


If we are planning on having anybody over, Saturdays tend to be the best day. When I am not around, Saturdays will be the day John chooses to have a lads night in with his friends (which usually involves beer and PS4 gaming...) and when I am here it is the day of choice for having dinner parties or people come to visit. 


Sundays are a mix of R and me together alone, and sharing the day with John when he has them off. At the moment - as I am not up to driving - we just have a lazy day. This usually involves very little apart from chilling out in our PJs all day and watching the F1 when it is on.

If I am up to it, I go to church and take R to Sunday school - something she absolutely loves to attend. John and I grew up attending church and Sunday school every Sunday with our families, and we love that we are able to share this experience with R when I am up to it.

Weekly Countdown... 

The only other thing that we do on weekends at the moment, is mark off another week of successfully keeping Little L inside and counting down to her EDD.

As she is due on a Sunday, each Sunday we tick off another week; and read my Sprout app to see how our little sprog is getting on!


This weekend will see us hit the, 'three weeks to go' mark, and I am so excited to finally be able to say, "I'm due in a few weeks!". 

Black Friday... 

This weekend is also 'Black Friday Weekend'... another one of those American traditions that has recently become quite big in the U.K. 

I am done for Christmas now, with all the gifts bought and most of it wrapped. That doesn't mean I won't sneak a peak at the deals... after all, we have a little one joining us so good deals on baby things will never go unnoticed!

Not only that but I have to start considering the fact that in January it is my hubby's birthday, and February is R's... there's definitely no harm in grabbing a bargain if there is one!

Mind you... I certainly won't be venturing out to town to fight the crowds at 37 weeks pregnant. I will be doing my shopping from the comfort of my sofa (or bed... depending on how I'm feeling!) 


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