Why My Blog is Called 'Me Becoming Mum'

When choosing a name for a child, (or even a pet!) we always consider different things. From association to meaning, there are various criteria we use to finalise our decision. When trying to name my blog, I went through a similar process. Typing, deleting and typing again. Finally I settled on, "Me Becoming Mum". Here's why.

Throughout our lives, we are defined by many things. For example; I am a woman. I am a daughter and a sister. I am also a granddaughter, niece and cousin. Five years ago, I became a wife. I am now a daughter-in-law, granddaughter-in-law, sister-in-law and an aunt.

All of these things - as well as the people that surround us and the events that occur - make us who we are. However, in my mind, I do not believe there is a greater defining moment in anyone's life, than that of becoming a parent.

The day your child enters your life, it changes who you are. You are no longer a single entity, you are no longer just, "me". In that moment, you become a comforter, a leader, a teacher, and a guide. You become a protector, a provider, and a sustainer.

This blog - despite starting two years after having our daughter - is mostly about my journey through parenthood, and about my journey to becoming "mum". I will never be perfect. Being a parent means you will make mistakes, but you continue to learn, and continue to move forward.

Now that my blog name is decided. and obviously along with it my niche, I guess the next step is to figure out my branding. I think I might be making a trip over to LogoJoy first of all and getting myself logo, and see where we go from there!